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James Kingston’s Cambridge parkour tour underlines how hopelessly inadequate we all are

james kingston parkour

THERE’S no hiding from the fact that people who can do Parkour are really, really cool. It is dangerous, dynamic and makes us all look like wobbling, wheezing pedestrians in every single way.

God, how irritating these Parkour types are.

That said, when we’ve stopped being jealous, we can only admire these people and the things we do – especially James Kingston who stars in a frankly astounding video, designed to make all your genitals retract into your body with vertigo and fear.

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Posted: 3rd, July 2013 | In: Reviews, Sports | Comment

Amazing moment as toddler hears for the first time

SHALL we all have a lovely moment? How about a really great video of a young boy called Grayson Clamp, and the exact moment he heard his father’s voice for the first time?

Grayson Clamp is three years old and until now, he’s never been able to hear.

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Posted: 24th, June 2013 | In: Reviews, Technology | Comment

Indian motorcyclist women are much, much harder than you

indian scooter run over copy

PEOPLE who ride motorbikes think they’re pretty tough, waddling around in their leather romper suits and Street Hawk crash helmets, doing 23mph down the road with ‘Born To Be Wild’ playing in their heads.

The freedom of the road! The constant terror that you might fall over and scratch that lovely paintwork! Motorcycling! It is like riding a car, but colder!

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Posted: 5th, March 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)

The Magical Crisp Making Vending Machine!

CRISPS! Everyone loves crisps. Just reading the word makes you want to stuff as many lovely, greasy crisps into your gaping crisphole as inhumanely possible. If you choked to death on crisps, you’d die happy.

The British obsession with crisps is something of wonder, so imagine then, over in Argentina, they go and make the most incredible machine EVER EVER EVER.

That is, the crisp making vending machine!

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Posted: 24th, November 2011 | In: The Consumer | Comment