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X Factor Fix: Amelia Lily’s Winning Single Already In The Shops

WHO will win the X Factor?

Will it be Jackie Wilson tribute act Marcus Collins? How about Little Minx, the four piece-act who dance like Pez dispensers – and sing like ’em too? Or will it be Amelia Lily, the singer who was told by Kelly Rowland to dye her hair pink then kicked off the show by… Kelly Roland, only to be invited back on the show on a wave of favourable press and a phone vote – given a second chance when Frankie Cocozza (who he?) was kicked off?

Well, on the HMV online shop you can buy Amelia Lily’s X Factor winning single for 2011.

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X Factor: Amelia Lily Wants To Be A Manufactured X Factor Star

THE World according to Amelia Lily, the X Factor contestant who went and then returned:

“I can be me and make it on my own – that’s what I’d prefer to do anyway. I’m not going to be made into a manufactured X Factor star now.”

So said Amelia Lily on her eviction from the show.

“Please vote for me. I want this so much”

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X Factor Monday: Kitty Brucknell’s Dead Sexy In Wootton Bassett And Amelia Lily Dyes

IT’S X FACTOR Monday in the ITV’s show’s in-house tabloid – the Sun. The front-page headline tells us:

X factor chaos goes on – watt a shambles

This is the post-Frankie Cocozza X Factor, where everyone sings like an over-confident coked-up teenager with Nookie Bear eyes. As Lucy Connolly reports:

AXED Amelia Lily was favourite to WIN X Factor last night after an astonishing comeback — ending a shambolic week for the ITV show.

That’s Amelia Lily, Cocozza’s old flame who Kelly Rowland told to dye her hair pink before kicking her off the show. Anyhow, she’s back. Among a gang of singers releasing swine flu over the face of music, Amelia Lily’s the nation’s favourite.

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