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Amish Mullets guilty of hair-cutting hate crime

BACK in October 2011, a group of  Amish men cut the hair from the members of another Amish group. Now, Samuel Mullet Sr. and fifteen of his group have been convicted of federal conspiracy and hate crimes. They each face a possible ten year sentence for waging a campaign of terror across Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Mullet Sr’s group also faces allegations that he forced his followers to have sex with married women to “cleanse them of the Devil”.

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Police Arrest Mullets For Amish Hair Crimes (Photos To Cherish)

AMISH men can rest easy- their beards too – in the knowledge that a splinter Amish group who were going about chopping off their brethren’s beards and hair have bene captured. The men are part of the Amish Bergholz Clan. They’ve been, as they tell it, exacting religious punishment. Their names? The Mullets: Sam Mullet’s sons Johnny Mullet and Lester Mullet*.

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Are These The Greatest Mug Shot Photos Ever? The Amish Joyless Riders

MUG Shot of The Day features the eight faces of the Swartzentruber Amish sect jailed by Kentucky District Court Judge Deborah Hawkins Crook for refusing to pay fines for failing to stick orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies. Are they victims of health and safety gone mad.

For sure, they are joyless riders.

The men say the orange triangles are not in keeping with their religion which disapproves of bright colours.

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