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Heroic Balloon Boy Falcon Heene Gets His Own TV Show

puking-heeneHAVING owned his dad on the telly by saying his hiding in the attic and not flying away on a home-made balloon was for “the show“, Ballon Boy Falcon Heene turned into Balloon Boy Falcon Heave, puking on the telly.

Falcon Heene is now a hero to boys the world over. Falcon Heene should get his own prank show in which kids get to play tricks on their parents, maybe even get them jailed.

Falcon Heene is a TV hero. His two older brother love him. He is the dream little brother. Look out for Falcon wedging a microphone up his nose and letting rip a weapons grade fart as the cameras a k him how he feels.

While the Today Show gets a bucket, dad Richard Heene carries on talking.

Posted: 16th, October 2009 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)