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Andrew Breitbart: Chris Beam Profile And Video

ANDREW Breitbart gets the internet. He should get Anorak. (Call me – I have ideas.) Chris Beam profiles Andrew Breitbart:

Breitbart likes to think of himself as the big-picture guy. Sure, he can be the doofus who rubs his nipples and snorts red wine powder. But when it comes to substance, every discussion is panoramic. He talks culture as much as politics. Change the way people think, goes his argument, and you’ll change the policies they support. “I’m trying to shift the focus of conservative movement from the narrow—the policy—to a much higher elevation, granting them a greater perspective.” He’s all about unified theory. That’s why he can transition naturally from Obama (“a joyless PC freak”) to ACORN to Bill Clinton to Clarence Thomas to Hollywood to political correctness to the New York Times before finally settling on why Sarah Palin should skip the presidency and just become “red-state Oprah.” It’s the upside of Breitbart’s ADD.

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Andrew Breitbart Mourns For Michael Jackson And Gary Glitter

ANDREW Breitbart Mourns For Michael Jackson, Peter Townsend and Gary Glitter:


Feel the love…

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