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Mephedrone Madness: N-Dubz’s Dappy Does GMTV

DAPPY, lead singer with N-Dubz, the Pop look-alike spotted snorting meow meow, aka mephedrone, is perched on the GMTV sofa like a pre-teen in the headmaster’s office. Can Valium Mum tuning in warm to the star?

The Sun looks on as Dappy is met by the gaze and questions of Andrew Castle. Dappy is sad. Dappy is sad face because he says meow meow is bad – and not in a good way. Says he:

“I’m more than glad they’ve banned this thing because I can see how many people are dying of it.”

He can? Well, tell the medics, Dappy, because although meow meow has been taken by people who have not longer after died there is no clear proof it kills on its own.

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Celebrity Swine Flu With GMTV’s Andrew Castle

7695905CELEBRITY Swine Flu with GMTV tennis presenter Andre Castle.

In “Tamiflu nearly killed my daughter, says Andrew Castle”, the man with the racket tells Daily Express readers, as he told Daily Mail readers the day before:

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