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Andy Carroll And The Meerkat: A Newcastle To Spurs Story

NEWCASTLE lost to the mighty Stevenage in the FA cup – and Andy Carroll, the Magpies’ lead striker was not there.

He’s injured. The club say he was injured during the team’s game against Spurs. But they didn’t make it public until the wound was looked at closely.

The story goes that on a night out with 15 pals at Newcastle’s Aspers Casino, Carroll reportedly ordered 30 Jagerbombs (Jagermeister and Red Bull). He also allegedly drank “two pints of Fosters and around six bottles of Peroni”.

The Mirror’s account will make a decent scene in the player’s biopic:

Witnesses saw him slump down with his head in his hands after the Jager-bombs and one Peroni. Then all of a sudden he perked up, alert – “like a meerkat“.

The pony-tailed striker stood up on the leg rest of the stool which tipped over. He then smashed against the hard wooden floor of the bar area and was clutching his leg, shouting out in pain…

Shortly afterwards his female companion was seen massaging his leg at the roulette table – where he fell off ANOTHER stool. Carroll eventually limped off to a private function room, where he it is claimed he downed five more Peronis and sang on the karaoke machine before finally leaving alone at around 6.30am.

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