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Andy Flintoff fights Richard Dawson: the big cricket box in photos

THE International Heavyweight Contest between Andrew Flintoff v Richard Dawson is on. Flintoff is seeking to stretch the envelope of things retired sporting heroes do in search of adrenaline. In Freddie Flintoff v The World, the viewer of ITV4 saw Flintoff takes on other retired sporting legends in a series of unusual sports. In one episode he jumped off a cliff in Mexico with Darren Gough (Strictly Come Dancing). Flintoff has also taken to darts, entering the commentary booth in Alexandra Palace and adding his his views to those of Sid Waddell and John Gwynne. The former England all-rounder will now do a bit of boxing – one of the leading -ing sports.

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Three Men In A Rubber Boat Win Andy Flintoff Award For Sailing

THE Andrew Flintoff Award for Sailing (in association with Jerome K Jerome) goes to the three men who at 9pm last Saturday set out into the English Channel from a beach at Littlehampton, West Sussex on a 7ft inflatable dingy.

They were dressed in the appropriate Flintoffian attire of shorts and T-shirts, and buffed against cold, pirates and cabin fever by a bottle of wine.

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The Ashes: Andy Flintoff Puts Australian Barstaff On High Alert

THE Ashes might yet be England’s. London’s austrlian barstaff haare getting the drinks ready for the celebrations. But not yet, Freddie. Not yet…


The Ashes In Pictures: A Brief History Of Smoking, Drinking And Cricket

Freddie Flintoff’s Package Tour Cruise – Cricket World Cup

Pie-Eyed Chuckers

Tim Blair is getting them in…

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Andy Flintoff Bashes Australian Immigrants

flintoff-montyIN readiness for the Ashes, Andrew Flintoff is making a thinly veiled dig at Austrlians who come to the UK and work in hotels.

Flintoff opines that the English language has been downgraded by immigration – or as the Mail put it:

‘Why can’t hotel staff speak English?’: Andrew Flintoff in  bizarre anti-immigration outburst”

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