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Angela Merkel rolls her eyes as Putin explains how things work (gif)

When Angela Merkel met Putin at the latest G20 bunfight, the Russian leader raised his hand like the teacher he is, lowered his gaze as one might address a child and began to explaining how the world works. Merkel responded as we all should:


angela merkel eyeroll putin

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White House explains why Donald Trump didn’t shake Merkel’s hand

Do you know why Donald Trump failed to shake hands with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, when they met in a Washington state room? The White House spokesman has explained. But before he gets to it, let’s see if you can guess why Trump didn’t extend the hand.


merkel trump

Trump and Merkel shake hands – artist’s impression


a) His hands are too small and the full extent of his grip is one of Merkel’s fingers (see above)

b) He’s rude

c) His preferred greeting is to grab women by the p***y

d) The last time he touched an East European woman he wet himself (and her)

e) He didn’t notice she was there

It’s ‘e”, albeit with a caveat – he knew she was there but wasn’t paying her enough notice to hear her ask for a handshake.


donald trump merkel

Merkel presents Donald with a more familiar shaped target for his hands


White House press secretary Sean Spicer tells German’s Der Spiegel magazine: “I don’t believe he heard the request.”

We are now in the realms of what Sean Spicer believes. Facts are old hat. Belief is all.

Germany’s Bild newspaper calls it ‘improbable’ that Trump didn’t hear Merkel. It notes that Trump did not once look Merkel in the eye. Of course, had he have done, The Don would have turned to stone. Fact! We heard that Sean Spicer read it on a website and believes it to be true. So it is.

In other news: ‘Merkel: “My lucky escape.”‘

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Italy and Russia look again at Mussolini and Stalin for go-ahead identity

DO countries get the dictators they deserve? In the Times, Ben Mintyre looks at Italy and Russia’s resurgent love for old dictators:

Two of Mussolini’s granddaughters are running for office, only days after Silvio Berlusconi praised Il Duce for the “good things” he did for Italy.

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Carol singers black up for Angela Merkel’s Epiphany

FACE of the day: It’s Epiphany in Germany, and German chancellor Angela Merkel has met with a carol singer dressed as one of the Three Kings in Berlin. Sensitive stuff. You should see how Hans the pig farmer portrays the King of the Jews…

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In photos: The Greek Army played Über Alles as Angela Merkel landed in Athens

IN 5 years the Greek economy has shrunk 23%. Some Greeks believe the country is in the thrall of Germany. So. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Athens today, demonstrators shouted slogans, dressed as German World War II soldiers with Nazi swastika armbands, called her a Nazi, compared her to Hitler, and as Merkel’s private plane landed at Eleftherios Venizelos airport the Greek military band struck up that German national anthem (“Germany, Germany above everything”). The past is never far away…


Picture 1 of 19

A protestor holds a banner with the picture of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that reads "wanted" and "war compensations" during a protest in Athens on Tuesday Oct. 9, 2012. German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes her first visit to Greece since the eurozone crisis began here three years ago. Her five-hour stop is seen by the government as a historic boost for the country's future in Europe's shared currency, but by protesters as a harbinger of more austerity and hardship. More than 7,000 police will be on hand, cordoning off parks and other sections of central Athens, to keep demonstrators away from the German leader who is due to arrive today in the Greek capital for talks with conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. . (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

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Dutch TV show makes Angela Merkel look like Hitler

IT’S a good job Europe is united and looking to a rosy-fingered daw, otherwise you might suppose the sight to German chancellor Angela Merkel sporting a moustache on Holland’s Nos television’s six o’clock news made her look like Hitler.

The programme assures us that the matter was a pure accident caused by graphics causing a black line to overlap part of Merkel’s top lip.

In any case, it suits her. The moustache invests her with power

YouTube link.

‘It was an unfortunate coincidence,’ editor in chief Marcel Gelauff said after the show.

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Angela Merkel gets beer poured down her neck – video

IN this video, German leader Angela Merkel get a glass or more of beer poured down her neck.

No. Not like Bob Hawk. The beer goes down the back of her neck, inside the collar of her dress.

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Merkel: Euro Bonds “Absolutely Wrong” For Crisis

EUROBONDS are “absolutely wrong” for the crisis. So saith Angela Merkel:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel bluntly rejected euro zone bonds as a solution to the currency area’s sovereign debt crisis, saying on Thursday that “collectivizing debts” would not solve the problem.

This doesn’t really leave any palatable options for resolving the crisis. I’m not even sure that it leaves any unpalatable options for resolving it.

Put aside all the bits and pieces you’ve read over the past year or so and just think about these few things.

1) Greece is bust. Portugal, Spain and possibly Italy could follow them. Ireland’s a special case as it might, just, be able to climb out of its hole. Well, we know what we do with bust companies, we declare them bankrupt and wipe out their debts. We can do this with countries, indeed we’ve done it hundreds of times over the centuries.

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Angela Merkel Can Makes Things Fly: Photographic Proof

IN times of economic strife… When the world is in turmoil… Send for Angela Merkel’s floating handbag! You’ll believe a handbag can fly!

Spotter: Here

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Angela Merkel Has The Hots For Michelle Obama: Photos

ANGELA Merkel really, really, really likes Michelle Obama. It might be love…



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Chancellor Angela Merkel Invented The Obama Womb Of Life Symbol

IN this collection of images, Chancellor Angela Merkel reveals that it was she who invented the Obama Womb Of Life symbol, the Big O… Like Obama’s unchanging smile (the video), the lady’s not change…


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