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Police Use Crucified Rats As Anti-Theft Warning

crucified rats china

WHEN Liu Junjiang spotted rats loose around in his his company’s newly refurbished office in the Chinese city of Chengdu, he and colleagues captured them. The rats had been eating lunches and biting cables. Liu and his part-time pest controllers thought it a good idea to tie the live rats to a tree. They wrote a shame message by their bodies declaring, “I was wrong. I repent.”

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Medics Remove Family Photo Stitched Inside A Live Chicken

chicken pic


TO South Florida,where Miami-Dade County Animal Services have found a photograph protruding from the chest of a chicken called Trooper. Katha Sheehan, who looked after the bird at her Florida City chicken rescue centre, says. “The person who found him and I looked at him. That thing is protruding from his chest. It doesn’t look like keel bone.”

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Help! There’s A Drunk Man Asleep On My Horse

sleeping man horse

PHOTO of the day: A 26-year-old man was found sleeping on a woman’s horse in Landsberg, Germany.

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Starlings form a murmuration tribute to Angry Birds

STARLINGS are angry:

Starling murmuration

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Scare stories: Dutch wolves invade Britain

dutch wolf

SCARE story of the summer is not foxes or sharks: it’s wolves. The Daily Mail Reporter has news:

The wolf’s at the door: First killer beast turns up in Holland for 150 years sparking fears they may soon arrive in Britain

Amid the welter of facts – “When chasing prey, they run at around 40mph; They listen to their prey’s heartbeat from several metres away with their uncannily ­powerful hearing and can judge when it is petrified; They are also highly intelligent” –  there is no news how they can swim or hide in the back of a family hatchback on a Continental ferry.


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