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Local News watch: Bullet-proof squirrel teams up with bomb-proof parasite

Bulletproof squirrel

ABC WGNO – “God bless Louisiana” –  reports on a remarkable rodent: ”

Bulletproof Squirrel Proves to be Quite a Survivor

Tyler Wing reports:

A squirrel on the North Shore of Louisiana is alive and still gathering nuts after apparently taking a bullet. “How is he alive? How did that bullet get there?” wonders scenic and wildlife photographer Christine Regusa, who discovered the bulletproof squirrel in her Covington backyard.

Says Regusa:

“I was on the bench over there. Squirrel was right by the tree. Didn’t even look at the picture after I took it until the next night.  Then I realized, oh, no! It’s a bullet!”


Says Dr. Rose Lemarie at Southeast Veterinary Specialists.

“Clearly the squirrel has been shot.”

Thsi leads to the follow-up shocker:

WGNO Viewers Offer Other Explanation For Bulletproof Squirrel

Some of our viewers also let us know that the lump could be from a worm parasite instead.

For now, there’s no word of any plans to trap the squirrel and find out for sure.

A local news mystery endures…

Posted: 8th, September 2013 | In: TV & Radio | Comment