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Strictly Come Dancing: Ann Widdecombe Bosom Is TV’s Pasodoble Mop

MADAME Arcati finds herself in a most singular position: two books recently published, both authored by very considerable matriarchs (possibly modelled on myself), include passages on me, yes, Madame Arcati. The other thing they have in common is that as I write I have read neither. Something must be done.

So, next week I shall be reviewing the editor ofThe Lady Rachel Johnson’s  A Diary of The Lady: My First Year as Editor and Molly Parkin’s Welcome to Mollywood. I do hope I am not given cause to be offended or otherwise to consult m’learned friends. Though I disdain anger management courses and the like, I really have tried to rein in my natural tendency to volcanic eruption.

That aside, did you see Ann Widdecombe (a Libran) tonight on Strictly Come Dancing? It’s not every generation which gets to see a Privy Councillor turned into a TV pasodoble mop, with Bruce Forsyth looking on. I commend her as a living cleaning product to Cillit Bang.

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Lin Yu Chun Is The Next Whitney Houston Is Next Susan Boyle

LIN Yu Chun is the next Whitney Houston. And he’s the nest Susan Boyle. chances are that Lin Yu Chun is the nexy Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and, with that hair, Ann Widdecombe.

Lin Yu Chun is the one.

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Ann Widdecombe Taxi Fail

ANN Widdecombe is seen talking about her long walk because of lack of taxis – as an empty taxi goes by.

Would it stop for Ann? Would you?

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Ann Widdecome On Paul Newman

ANN Widdecombe is discussing Paul Newman:

“He also knew when to stop acting, an example many others would have benefitted from following”

Not including his voiceover work, Newman appeared in Empire Falls in 2005. His work won him an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

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