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Kush Is The Bedtime Big Breast Rester

KUSH – the bedtime big breast bedtime rest:

The Daily What

Obama Dukakis

Something about the singsong rhythm and the complete absence of emotion. Then it hit me: Michael Dukakis!

The Bystander In ChiefDaily Gut

Rumer Willis is warm –  Lainey Gossip, The Blemish

Britney Spears has a stalker, possibly In Case You Didn’t Know]

When in doubt, blame the gaysYNet

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Anna Wintour Bounces Oprah

picture-of-hateGordon Ramsay soft porn – Kuonji

I once interviewed Willem Defoe in New York – Laineygossip

Mummy dearest – Leenks

Why is he there? – Harry’s Place

Mike Tyson is motivational – Sploshspot

Nooooooooooooo –  SocialiteLife

Oprah lose weight fast – Gawker

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