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Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Hobbit, anorexia, Morrissey and Vicky Beckham

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Duchess of Cambridge pregnancy in the news – Day 11: Jacintha Saldanha, Morrissey and Victoria Beckham’s Hobbit.

The front pages

Only the Daily Star leads with news of Kate’s pregnancy, and only then it’s about Jacintha Saldanha.

“ROYAL Radio Hoaxers Face Jail – Prank victim nurse left suicide note”


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Posted: 12th, December 2012 | In: Royal Family | Comments (3)

LeAnn Rimes Shows Off Her Incredibly Thin Body: Dogs Salivate

LEANN Rimes doesn’t just spell her name wrong and make really irritating country-pop while encouraging coal-eyed simpletons to dance atop the bars of the world, shortly before having their stomachs pumped of Jagerbombs.

No, she’s an alleged homewrecker too, running off with some married fella and getting him down the aisle herself before the whole America could throw up its arms in moral outrage.

And now she’s on her honeymoon, she’s having a gay old time, right? Wrong. Because everyone is pointing at her and being sick in their hands as they howl about her noticeable thinness.

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