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I’m A Celebrity threesome shocker: Scarlett Moffatt has Ant’s in her pants

Can you trust front-page headlines? The Daily Star’s cover story is that Ant and Dec have been in a “threesome” with “Jungle Scarlett”. Life moves pretty fast for Ant and Dec, the TV duo who just yesterday were triggering a “race storm” with “sensitive” Australians. Todays it’s a threesome with Scarlett, whose full name and title is “camp President Scarlett Moffat”.


Scarlett Moffatt threesome I'm A Celebrity


Over two pages of I’m A Celebrity news, readers scan for sign of the threesome. And in the small print on page 5, we find it. Scarlett Moffat, “star” of TV’s Gogglebox “reckons she should team up with Ant and Dec as a Geordie trio”. For sex, right? For a threesome?


Scarlett Moffatt threesome I'm A Celebrity


No. Scarlett made her views known not in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, rather in a book, in which she opined: “Imagine handing out with those boys all days and having a laugh.”

Yeah, just imagine that. Although if you’re a Daily Star reader, you’re most likely blown 30p imagining so much more.


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Ant And Dec Are Anally Mismatched

IN the Daily Express, the debate is whether Ant (left) and Dec (right) are anally matched, or anally mismatched?

The first headline “Can Dec finally match Ant?” was altered to “Can Dec at last match Ant?” Too manny “finally” in headlines, apparently.

But might there be more to it? Might Ant and Dec be mistken for Pant And Feck, the gonzo porn stars of Express Newspaper owner Richard Desmond’s cable TV output?



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Robert Kilroy Silk Spotted In I’m A Celebrity Jungle

REPORTS are that Robert Kilroy-Silk is to join Ant (right) and Dec (left) in the Blue Peter garden for this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

It’s very possible that Kilroy has been living in a garden or The Outback for some years. The once ubiquitous perma-tanned presence of mid-morning telly has been missing for some time.

When he formed Veritas political party in Hinckley Golf Club in Leicestershire,an alternative to UKIP, itself an alternative to the BNP/ Conservatives, he would bring about a revolution.

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Ant Rap: Ant Sues Ant And Dec

ANT Kalloniastis is suing Ant McPartlin to stop him using his name in the United States.

As the Sun reports, Ant K. is the host to f Celebrity Fit Club (US). He says he is losing work because he’s been mistaken for Ant P., who along with Declan Donnelly fronts the US show Wanna Bet?

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