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Anuj Bidve murder: public sector made Kiaran Stapleton do it?

ANUJ Bidve is dead. Kiaran Stapleton, from Ordsall, been charged with his murder. Kiaran Stapleton is 20.

THE Daily Telegraph’s interview with Anuj Bive’s family (full story here) is layered in a political nuance. We do not know why Anuj Bidve was murdered in Salford. The police have said racism was a possible cause without offering a hint as to why race played any part.

The Telegraph, however, is concerned with class:

Nehal Sonawane sits on the bed of the neat little middle-class house in the Indian city of Pune, waiting anxiously for news from England of the investigation into the murder of her little brother Anuj.

They are little Indian-landers.

The anger of a grieving family is understandable, but the temptation to generalise from a single, horrific case should be avoided. Though detectives are treating Anuj’s murder as a racially-motivated “hate crime,” they admit there is “no evidence” that it actually was. The designation appears to have been made as much to protect the police from charges of racism as for any other reason.

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