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Could Anonymous’ Anti-Child Abuse Drive Have Allowed Portsmouth Paedophiles To Evade Justice?

ANONYMOUS, the hacking group, has been posting the IP addresses of what it says are users of child porn forums. OpDarkNet focuses on the so-called “dark net” where paedophiles distribute and exhange images of children.

Today, Anonymous posted 190 IP addresses posted of people who had downloading a clever piece of bugged software which followed their online movements for 24 hours.

It’s a clever idea, and a righteous campaign. And it makes us wonder why Interpol and other official organisations have not harnessed the skills of Anonymous to help them trap the paedos. Unless they already have?

Meanwhile, in the Portsmouth, Melissa Noon, 30, her partner  Robert Hathaway, 36, ran a nudist website that was a front of paedophilia. At Portsmouth Crown Court. Noon, Simon Hilton, Daniel Bell (left), Mark Day, John Maddox  and Hathaway were found guilty  of distributing indecent photos and videos of children playing naked Twister and being raped.

The gang were caught when authorities in Australia tipped off police in Hampshire. They had uncovered a “mirror image” ring, in which a young child was also abused.

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Posted: 2nd, November 2011 | In: Technology | Comment