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Miley Cyrus Hates Shallow Pop, Appears On Britain’s Got Talent (Lesbian Kiss Pictures)

MILEY Cyrus was on Britain’s Got Talent. Miley was singing her song called Can’t Be Tamed.

That’s her pretending to kiss a female dancer.

That’s her dressed in fishnets and basque.

That’s her in the choreographed dance routine giving full throat to:

For those who don’t know me, I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way, yep
24 hours a day
‘Cuz I’m hot like that
Every guy, everywhere just gives me mad attention
Like I’m under inspection,
I always get a ten
‘Cuz I’m built like that

Here’s the virginal Miley telling Billboard magazine:

“With anything-the clothes I wear or the way I want to look-I don’t plan it. Even with the video [for “Can’t Be Tamed”] I had the treatment, but beyond that, it was whatever comes. We didn’t have all the choreography set in stone because I didn’t want it to end up looking fake and polished. Everything in life has to come naturally or I feel like it’s just been done.”

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