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The Top Ten Failed April Fool’s Jokes

DID you hear? The Daily Mail is right. We’re all dead already! Joke! April Fool.

Here are the Top Ten April Fool’s Joke Fails. Note: The jokes hereunder were misunderstood at the time and many people took them to be fact. Only now can we laugh.

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April Fools’ Day Quiz Question 1: Carbon Neutral Donkeys?

A GAME of April Fools’ Day of true or false for you to play now as we bring you news – or is it? – of actress Sarah Blowers and Anna Usborne, and not forgetting Teddy and Chester, the carbon neutral donkeys. Blowers and Usborne are off on a 400 miles eight-week odyssey through rural Gloucestershire with the “carbon-neutral” donkeys carrying their provisions. All ably helped by the Chalford Donkey Project. April Fool? Or April Mule? Vote now.

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Spurs Get New Ice Rink Stadium

APRIL FOOL! Which of these stories is true and which is not:

The Top Ten Failed April Fool’s Jokes

The Guardain:

Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

• Newspaper to be available only on messaging service
• Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters

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Thief Raids RBS And Finds Tills Empty

“I’VE got a gun. Seriously I’ve got a gun – hand over the ******* money”.

Andrew Stewart is reading his newspaper in the Exeter branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland on March 31 last year when he heard that claim.

Brian Davison, 32, is harvesting notes form scared cashiers.

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