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Katie Price and Arabella Weir – the rich and connected love the State school zoo

KATIE Price tells Sun readers in her new column – title: Kids need love…not posh school” –  that her kidzzzzz Peter Andre Junior and Princess TenaLadyMee (aka Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball – the growing pains years) go to state school and: “I don’t spoil my kids because I don’t them them to be different.”

Begging the question: So. Why do you spoil your kids, then?

Are these the same children seen with Katie and husband Peter in OK! photoshoots, who feature in public rows between the divorced parents, and who star in fly-in-the Touche Eclat reality TV shows? Is media exposure the norm?

This is Katie Price who told us:

I’m not really a big spender. My cars cost money and my horses cost money, but I don’t go and buy designer clothes every day of the week. I’d rather buy a nice horse than waste it on an outfit. I spend a lot on my kids, but myself? Not really.

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Posted: 26th, February 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment