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X Factor: Jedward, John & Edward Grimes, Are Voted Out At Last

befksnwmkkgrhquokjseq5tokycvbk7zjwyq_12X Factor: Jedward, John & Edward, Are Voted Out. They are booed by the crowd.

The X Factor loses another warbling wannabe. And it’s Jedward.

The Duracell Gonks are in the sing off with Olly Murs, the man with a name like a contagion. They are toast. They are on their way to becoming a footnote in a TV history, a pub quiz question.

Jedward are two untalented, precocious, hard to like, over-exposed singing gonks who are part of a sick TV experiment to see what point Simon Cowell’s powers of deception wane and the masses rub their eyes and realise they are being served up crap.

C owell and Louis Walsh are like Mortimer and Randolph Duke in Trading Places, playing with people for entertainmnt.

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Posted: 22nd, November 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (7)