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Donald Trump is scum and beyond satire – but aren’t they all?

When Donald Trump had his hair ruffled on the telly, Armando Iannucci thought it “beyond satire”.



What could Trump do that could be un-presidential? Well, he could carry on doing what he’s doing – being a TV show creation building towards the big shark jump.

Barons says it’s all for the cameras. And we love it.

The audience for the confrontation [first Presidential debate] could exceed 100 million, not far short of the 112 million viewers for the biggest U.S. sporting event, the Super Bowl. And if folks get together for parties on Monday with chicken wings and beer, maybe this debate will match that total.

According to the Strategas political team led by Daniel Clifton, that would be about half again the 67 million viewers that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney drew in their first debate in 2012 and nearly twice as many as the 52.4 million who tuned into Obama’s first face-off with Sen. John McCain in 2008. Indeed, Monday’s face-off is likely to shatter the record set in 1980, when 80.6 million watched Ronald Reagan’s first bout with Jimmy Carter.

Iannucci says President Trump is no longer a joke: “I used to say I was very sure, but I’m kind of sure.”

Trump bills himself as a anti-Establishment candidate.  Why does that chime? “Who would want to be politician?” says Iannucci. “You’re not allowed to earn a certain amount of money, or go on holiday, or buy some dog food and put the receipt in the wrong place. You do anything wrong, and you’re just scum.”


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Armando Iannucci OBE and Alastair Campbell WMD go to war on twitter

ON Twitter (yep, a news story on Twitter – we like to break the new ground – see all papers every day, ed) Alastair Campbell, a hard-faced bastard, is wading out of his depth to launch a broadside against TV comedy writer Armando Iannucci, who has accepted an OBE. Campbell, as ever, proves himself to be a dislikable oaf:

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Armando Iannucci’s Catharsis Aboard The BBC Luvvie Boat

MORE on that BBC election night boat party that failed to sink. On the Silver Sturgeon, Armando Iannucci tells Indy readers of the looming horror as he realised that stood amid the nodding heads, know alls, entitled and cultural elite he fitted right in.

Aboard The BBC Election Boat With Andrew Neil’s Nicky Haslam Meets Captain Bligh

“My main epiphany came earlier when I walked on to the BBC’s now-notorious election barge, to be greeted with the sight of a hundred celebrities and swanky public figures. Its unsettling to realise you’re regarded as one of them. I’d been promised proper debate but instead stood next to Joan Collins while the thrice-divorced star of The Stud and The Bitch praised Cameron’s family values. We lost electrical power, which meant we didn’t know what was going on. Neither were we being broadcast, anathema to any self-respecting celebrity. It was the dawning realisation that none of this actually mattered, that the collective views of the commentariat and entertainocracy were irrelevant to the sophisticated earthquake taking place outside, that suddenly hit home.”


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Sarah Brown Is Wally And Chris Martin’s Sperm Negative Present The Evening Standard Film Awards: Pictures

8332557TO the Evening Standard Film Awards at The Movieum in County Hall, with the ubiquitous Jaime Winstone, Lily Allen lite Alfie Allen, Chris Martin dressed as Woody Allen’s sperm negative, Andy Serkis, Carey Mulligan, Sacha Baron Cohen, with his Peter Sellers Award for Comedy, Anne-Marie Duff, James McAvoy, Armando Iannucci, Jenny Agutter, Nicolas Roeg, Eva Green and professional ligger and photo-op hunter Sarah Brown, aka Where’s Wally:


Picture 1 of 33

Chris Martin arrives at the Evening Standard Film Awards at The Movieum in County Hall, London.

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In Pictures: Pamela Anderson Vibrates, Vivienne Westwood’s Elizabeth I Impression And Charlie Brooker Goes Native At British Comedy Awards 2009


Picture 1 of 36

Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson at the British Comedy Awards 2009 at London Television Studios. Westwood does her impression of Queen Elizabeth I.

THE British Comedy Awards 2009, that AGM for funny men and the odd funny woman, is an odd thing where the rebels, those sayers and doers of things “out of the box”, “left field” and way cray-zee arrive on stage to collect an award. Like all awards do, these are awards for media compliancy, for being acceptably funny and funny enough to be on the telly.

And they came to chuckle: Vivienne Westwood went for visual gags with her Quene Elizabeth I impression, Pamela Anderson raised a smile, Griff Rhys Jones, Ash Attalla, Beth Cordingly, a child with a descriptive funny name – Tyger Drew Honey – Keith Allen, Tom Felton, Rob Brydon, Claudia Winkleman, Peter Capaldi , Lee Majors and his wife Faith, Pixie Lott, funny looking Katie Price, Steve Benham, Leigh Francis, critic gone native Charlie Brooker, Sir Terry Wogan, Simon Bird, the great Harry Hill, Joe Calzaghe and Kristina Rihanoff, Alice Beer, Davina McCall, Jane Goldman, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Armando Iannucci, John Thomson, Paul Kaye, Jack Dee and comedy singing act JLS all battled whether to go for the GQ cover pose (suit, tie and serious face) or jaunty jig pose?

And everyone laughed and laughed and lauged until their heads fell off…

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Nick Griffin On Question Time: Germans Declare War On British Fascists And BNP Jokes

bnp11NICK Griffin BNP Watch: With Her Majesty The Queen, war with Germany, former KKK leader David Duke calls Griffin a ‘liar’, mother-in-law calls him a racist and the X Factor…

NoTW: “Queen fury at BNP – Queen fury at BNP Outrage at Nick Griffin Churchill hijacking”

If “non-indigenous” Britons had to go “home”, as the BNP wants, The Queen would have to return to Germany.

THE QUEEN has declared WAR on the BNP.

It’s Germany versus the BNP. Game on! Listen out for Prince Philip turning to Liz and saying:

“If we stay here much longer we’ll turn into one-eyed bigots.”

He’s Not Just A Bigot, He’s A Silly Boy


Bnp leader Nick Griffin has been branded a work-shy racist… by his mother-in-law. Muriel Cook, mum of Griffin’s wife Jackie, says he hardly ever worked when his children were young – and is merely hiding his vile views to win votes.

Muriel, a widow, says: “Nick is still a racist. He still holds those views – always has. He wants to see an all-white Britain, but that will never happen… he’s living in the Dark Ages.”

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