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Army to recruit ranking officers from civilian world

There’s going to be a whole new rank of the officer class to send fighting men and women into battle. It’s not the politicians and toffs anymore screaming “CHARGE!” it’s the block who used to order stationery for the office, whatshername from logistics and Neville the drone enthusiast – he’s going to bomb Berlin from his garden in Melton Mowbray:

Army leaders will be recruited direct from the civilian world rather than rising up through the ranks, under a proposed overhaul to bring in specialist skills for 21st century warfare.

The plan to hire straight into the regular Army’s middle and possibly even higher ranks will overturn generations of tradition and a career structure that has seen leaders work their way up from the bottom.

Spotter: Telegraph

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Face Of The Day: The 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Parade Through Brighton

FACE of The Day: Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, parade through Brighton, East Sussex, following their return from Afghanistan. The parade was one of seven the regiment is taking part in across the south east, and comes ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

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Armed Courses: Sending The Troops Into Britain’s Schools

THE Conservatives have unveiled their “Troops For Teachers” scheme. “SEND IN ARMY TO SORT OUT SCHOOLS,” says the Express on its cover.

The Sun says servicemen and women “would be paid to re-train as teachers on leaving the forces in a bid to boost tough inner-city schools.”

Yeah, nothing like a few trained killers in the tuck shop to teach those cocky kebab shop knifers what’s what.

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