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Run, Rude Boy! Cracking commentary as GB’s 4×100 relay team wins gold

Run, Rude Boy!

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Ortis Deley Gets Fired From C4’s Athletics Coverage Thanks To This Online Video: World’s Worst Sports Presenter

UNSURPRISINGLY, Channel 4 have shown the door to poor old Ortis Deley after he made a terrible hash of his presenting gig during the coverage of the IAAF world athletics championships.

You may recognise Deley from some children’s TV, as well as Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. He bumbled and muttered his way through a series of gawdawful links, getting everyone’s name wrong and generally being more stilted than a hostage telling a tabloid he’s fine.

As such, Deley has been fired from the main presenter role which will now be taken by Rick Edwards. Ortis will stay on the roster but his role has been “scaled back”, potentially to ‘tea boy’.

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China Athlete Speared By Javelin, Pictures

human-javelinIN Guilin, Southern China, athlete Jian Liao has been speared by a javelin, through knee. To remove the piece of sports equipment, fire fighters set the javelin alight.

Liao, laydees and germs is a human kebab. The London Olympics has much to prove if Chain is to beaten in terms of raw athletic showmanship.

Liao is now much recovered and is keen to enter the thee-legged race a solo competitor…

As ever, much controversy in athletics.

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Chinese athlete thought she was a woman. She’s not

A Chinese athlete who won more than 40 medals has thrown most of them away after discovering she is not a woman. Gasp!

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Drugs cheat: I wish I’d lied earlier

BRITISH sprinter Dwain Chambers says he wishes he had continued to lie about using banned steroids. His justification for such a stance? Poor Dwain feels that he has not been forgiven since he owned up.

Damn honesty and its unfortunate consequences. (As Homer Simpson might say.)

Chambers made the bizarre admission during a radio interview with Victoria Derbyshire (the most patronising and annoying woman in the world, fact fans) on BBC Five Live.

Anorak often hears people say that drug cheats deserve forgiveness and a second chance, but using banned substances is rarely a one-off error of judgment – it’s a concerted, pre-meditated effort to cheat the system, rather than a lone lapse. So does Dwain deserve more sympathy. No, in a word.

Watch Chambers tie another noose for himself below:

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