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Heather Mills Attacks Olympic Official, Allegedly


REMEMBER Heather Mills? She was a model who no-one was that fussed about, then she had a terrible accident and everyone rightly gave her props for not letting her missing leg defeat her. Then she married Paul McCartney, which everyone was surprised by. Then she started being a git and everyone hated her, feeling guilty for resorting to peg-leg jokes.

Many people disliked her because she married a Beatle.

Then, Macca and Mucca split and she shot her mouth off and no-one felt bad about making jokes about her. Then, she annoyed everyone by being a paralympian! What a woman! She really is a shining example of how to overcome life’s hurdles. She could do no wro…

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John Cleese attacks the bad press while talking to the good press

** FILE ** British comedian John Cleese reacts to "Sebastian" the Carpet Python putting the squeeze on him at Taronga Zoo in Sydney in this Jan. 6, 2006 file photo. A New Zealand city has unofficially renamed the local garbage tip after John Cleese following the British actor's comment during a visit last year that he hated the place. (AP Photo/Paul Miller, FIle)WHILE promoting his new Disney film – to the press – John Cleese decided to go on the attack… about the press.

Speaking to the Guardian in a video interview – which will be published tomorrow – Cleese unleashed his famous grump and sneer, while no doubt furiously folding those gigantic thin arms of his.

Discussing how Twitter and other types of social media had lessened his need to co-operate with newspapers to publicise his work, he suddenly went off on one about the British press.

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Woman complains about racist dog

GETTING bitten by a dog is no fun (yet, those mad berks who work for the police actively run across fields, taunting attack-dogs to have a go at their arms!), but is it less fun if that dog that bites you is a massive racist?

One lady has complained that the dog which chewed her daughter is indeed, a racist.

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Man beaten to a bloody pulp with a Furby

FURBIES are so cute aren’t they? NO! They’re horrible! With their nasty little limbs, slowly blinking lifeless eyes, chilling little voices and nippy beaks. There is absolutely nothing pleasant about a Furby.

Furthermore, they make excellent improvised weapons, as one American lady showed in Pennsylvania.

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Brilliant drunk idiot tries to ride a crocodile (with unsurprising consequences)

SOMETIMES, drunks are a gift that keep giving. Most of the time, they chat nonsense and puke up on their fried chicken, but sometime, they’re worth their weight in wobbling gold.

Take the drunkard in Australia who just about survived his little escapade when he tried to ride a crocodile.

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Kanye West has a press-induced breakdown on stage

IT is fair to say that Kanye West is a highly strung man. At times, he’s unbearably sweet, while at other times, he’s absolutely barking mad. He switches between gloomy, accusatory and hyped to A.D.D., doing somersaults, look-at-me-everyone with the blink of an eye.

In short, he’s pretty fascinating to have around.

So after showing everyone his winkie online and disturbing Taylor Swift at an award ceremony, he’s now going insane at the press he so often courts. This time, his sights are set squarely on MediaTakeOut.

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Occupy Wall Street: Where Reporters Get Whacked And NYPD Brag

THE BIG APPLE is not a jolly place at the moment as the Occupy Wall Street protest continues, despite the fact that the NYPD has been shown to be pretty heavy handed throughout.

And things don’t seem to be easing up either.

On Wednesday night, two Fox reporters got beaten up by the cops (stop laughing). While covering the protests, Fox 5 photographer Roy Isen got maced and reporter Dick Brennan got a smack in the stomach by an officer’s baton.

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Mental Joss Stone Men Appear In Court To Be Laughed At

STALKERS! We know you’re completely insane, but seriously, stalking and trying to kidnap Joss Stone? Really? That’s new levels of insanity… unless of course, you don’t love her at all and simply wanted to ensure that there would be no more Joss Stone records in the world.

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Paris Hilton And Boyfriend Attacked By Nut Job

PARIS Hilton, a woman of no fixed talent, is doing rather well on the stalker front. In fact, one of them is so keen on her that he keeps punching her boyfriend.

For you see, the man known as Cy Waits shouldn’t be with Paris, despite the fact she is willingly going out with him. Rather, she is destined to marry a bug-eyed nutter called James Rainford. Why? Because he says so.

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