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The Avatar Premiere Los Angeles With The Self-Entitled James Cameron And Leona Lewis: In Pictures

TO the Avatar premiere in Los Angeles, and time to recall the words of the film’s director James Cameron, currently jetting round the world to promote his electronic marvel:

“There’s a sense of entitlement — ‘We’re here, we’re big, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the technology, we’ve got the brains, we therefore are entitled to every damn thing on this planet’, That’s not how it works and we’re going to find out the hard way if we don’t wise up and start seeking a life that’s in balance with the natural cycles of life on earth.”

And here they come to save Gaia by limo to an air-conditioned cinema: Leona Lewis, who felt connected enough to nature to sing the title song and travels the globe promoting it.


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Leona Lewis attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox "Avatar" held at the Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Also, Cheryl Tiegs, Alexandra Daddario, Sigourney Weaver, Laz Alonzo, Michael Lewis, Zoe Saldana, Bryan Singer, Sam Worthington, James Cameron and Suzy Amis, Virginia Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez, Tom Arnold, Giovanni Ribisi, Audrina Patridge, Cuba Gooding Jr., Danny Devito, Brendan Fraser and Jason Alexander…

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The Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape Burglary Video

lindsay-lohan4Lindsay Lohan’s sex tape is stolen in a burglary enacted by people who look familiar to her. As Lohan looks to star in a new reality TV show, Anorak brings you the tape of the crime of the sex tape:

LINDSAY’S attempt to prove that child stars can make it as adults is moving onto Stage Four as Lindsay turns her life into a reality TV show.

Cameras will follow Lohan as she hits the Hollywood comeback trail. The thinking is that if we see enough of Lohan talking about herself someone will be forced to hand her a script.

A source tells Fox News:

“Rudolf is helping Lohan with a potential reality show that will encapsulate her trials and tribulations as she gets back on her feet and actually becomes a working actress again.”

Expect to see lots of pictures of Lindsay having her hair done, Lindsay reading a newspaper, Lindsay walking about, Lindsay driving and Lindsay doing all those things that the press show her doing every day.

What you won’t see is Lindsay having sex, although you might see it if the burglars who broke into her home stole a sex tape.

While police search for the three suspects who burglarized Lindsay Lohan’s home Sunday, the 23-year-old actress says she doesn’t believe it was a random crime.

Los Angeles police officials have released a grainy security video showing one man and two women, all age 18 to 25, entering Lohan’s Hollywood Hills home through a courtyard. The culprits ransacked the home and took items from a wall safe. The “Mean Girls” star says she knows it wasn’t an ordinary burglary.

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Rumer Willis’ 21st Birthday Party In Pictures

7711163RUMER Willis is 21. She’s having a birthday party at the TAO Nightclub, Venetian Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

In keeping with such a starry event there’s a photographer taking pictures of the guests as they arrive. These pictures are a keepsake, a going home present – Hollywood’s version of a piece of birthday cake wrapped in a napkin and a Noddy pen.

To go with the photographer, there are other entertainers – the tattooist, the sex tape expert (“your face in their place!”) and a plate of egg white omelettes for the chauffeurs to chow down on as they wait to pick up the kids.

Anorak was at the do, and we now bring you pictures from it, featuring Margo Harshman, Briana Evigan, Audrina Patridge, Rumer Willis, Jamie Chung, Winky The Bear and Smartie Artie.

Tits and teeth ladies:

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Audrina Patridge’s Fur Burger

audrina-patridge-burgerPEOPLE reports that Audrina Patridge is the drooling maw of  Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger. Says Audrina Patridge – Peta’s Dumb Animal Of The Month:

I had an absolute blast shooting. It was my first experience shooting a spot with food, and when I pulled up, I was literally salivating looking at all the rows and rows of perfect burgers waiting for me!

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