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Brigitte Höss: daughter of a Auschwitz Kommandant living in Virginia questions the Holocaust

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BRIGITTE Höss has lived for four decades in Washington DC. She’s worked in a Jewish-owned fashion store. And that’s interesting because her father was Rudolf Höss (aka Rudolf Hoess) leading Nazi and Kommandant of Auschwitz. Rudolf Höss was a mass murderer.

Between the aged of 7 and 11 she lived with her four brothers and sisters in a handsome villa with views of the death camp – the place her father designed and built. She also lived by  in Dachau and Sachsenhausen. (Photos above: Brigitte’s on the left.)

The Auschwitz house was decorated with objects stolen from the murdered prisoners.

Men in striped pyjamas tended to her family’s garden.

She’s still alive.

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RIP Antoni Dobrowolski: last known survivor of Auschwitz dies

RIP Antoni Dobrowolski. The last known survivor of Auschwitz has died in his native Poland. He was 108.

Never forget.


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A general view of the gates at Auschwitz I camp viewed from the inside.

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Auschwitz-Birkenau – Then and now in photos

THE Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland has produced a book of photos of World War II against the same locations today. It’s called Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Place Where You Are Standing…” The victims and murderers of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps are gone. But  the place remains…

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Auschwitz Is Now A Video Game Film: Video

UWE Boll is creating a film about Auschwitz. The film will be treated in his usual sensitive manner, as you can see from the clip below.

Boll is best known for making terrible film based on video games. Auschwitz was not a video game, but given Boll’s treatment it might have been.

The trailer features Boll dressed as a Nazi nodding off as the dying scream and hammer on the metal door behind him.

(Article continues after these memorable pictures of the death camp.)


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A general view of the gates at Auschwitz I camp viewed from the inside.

Says he:

“I made the movie because there is not one movie made what shows the Holocaust really was — a killing factory.”

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Marvi Marmara Sends The Jews Back To Auschwitz And Protest Pictures

WHAT could possibly go wrong aboard the Rachal Corrie (not the Marvi Marmara),  a ship named after women killed by an IDF bulldozer? The IDF boarded the ship with no violence and took it to Ashad. The goods are then transported to Gaza. In London, peoples joined a demo against, well, Israel.

In other news, White House correspondent Helen Thomas has apologised for saying that “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Poland and Germany.

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Did Swedish Nazis Steal The Auschwitz Sign?

WHEN the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign was stolen from he Auschwitz death camp. Swedish neo-Nazi leader Anders Högtröm was arrested on February 11 on suspicion of being involved in the theft. Now, he’s been extradited from Sweden to Poland. The case develops…


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A general view of the gates at Auschwitz I camp viewed from the inside.

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Souvenir Hunters Steal Auschwitz “Arbeit Macht Frei” Sign To Bash Jews And Poles: Pictures

THE infamous sign “Arbeit macht frei”, that mocking symbol over the gates to the Auschwitz death factory has been stolen. (Auschwitz in pictures.) The Times speculates on who could have done it. When reading it, Anorak thought it might be souvenir hunters looking for a priceless artefact for a private museum. But the Times sees something else:

The obvious explanation seems to be that the theft was carried out by neo-Nazis.

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