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Dog poo hero faces up to 20 years in prison for tossing dog turd at man who failed to clean up after his pet

Rebecca Trammell poo

FREE Rebecca Trammell! The 46-year-old  has been charged with the second degree felony of aggravated assault. Her alleged crime? Losing control in a Austin, Texas, dog park. What she did? Trammell was so upset with a man at Canyon Creek Apartments’ dog park whom she claims was not cleaning up his dog’s faeces, she picked up his doggy’s turds and tossed at the rabid owner.

She then picked up a big jagged rock and tossed that at the man’s body. The rock missed.

She then spat in the man’s face. 

But the poo, right? The dog owner left a big steaming pile of poo on the ground. That’s got to be worse than spitting? Has Bristol council produced a billboard posters warning of the peril of throwing large jagged rocks and gobbing? No. But it has produced this poster of a child chowing down on a stray dog poo.

Sure, Trammell reportedly attacked another person. But the trigger was that the dog owner did not have his animal on a leash and never cleared up its poo. Yes, yes, she did grab the owner’s leash, cutting his hand and seriously injuring him, according to police, but big wet globs of dog poo are revolting.

But this being America, Trammell is facing two to 20 years in prison and a possible $10,000 fine. The dog owner remains free to walk his poo dropper. That can’t be right.

She should be freed. And, if possible, given a job as dog warden in London’s poo-infested parks…

YouTube link.

Posted: 25th, June 2013 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)