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Australian Boat Tragedy: Let’s Blame The Navy

CAN the Australians be blamed for the deaths of 28 mainly Iranian and Iraqi asylum-seekers who died when their boat from Indonesia foundered on rocks off Flying Fish Cove , Christmas Island? Or should the regimes they flee be examined and the people smugglers who profit from pain?

The Independent knows. It leads with:

“Australia’s hardline refugee policy was blamed for the deaths of at least 27 asylum-seekers whose boat was dashed on rocks…”

But wouldn’t a looser policy encourage more people to try to reach Oz by boat? And wouldn’t that lead to move deaths?

In an alternative world we may praise the Australian Navy whose personnel put their own lives on the line to save 41 people from “waters so rough that volunteers standing on the 100ft cliffs were soaked in ocean spray”.

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Posted: 16th, December 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment