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You’ll Believe A Skoda Octavia Can Fly

TO Saxony, eastern Germany, where a young Herrenvolk is piloting his Skoda Octavia at high speeds through villages.

The vehicle crashes through a railing, hurtles up an embankment in the town of Limbach-Oberfrohna.

And then… then it flies.

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Scare Stories: Electric Vehicles Kill The Green Cross Code Man

SCARE Stories: Anorak’s daily look at horror stories making news – when electric cars and golf carts attack:

Harold Scruby from the Pedestrian Council of Australia said children, cyclists, the elderly and the blind were most at risk of being hit by the electric vehicles, which emitted much less noise than petrol or diesel vehicles.

Stop. Look. Sniff:

“When children are taught to cross the road they’re taught three things _ stop, look and listen,’’ he said.

“When you have an electric car running on electric mode you can’t hear them.

“It should be mandatory that these manufacturers build into them some noise function – not too noisy, but enough so that people can hear them coming.’’

On a brighter note:

“Biodiesel Congeals, School Buses Stall” – New York Times

Green Cross Code Man: Tim Blair

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White House Looks At Car Options

“Car Bankruptcy Cited as Option by White House” – New York Times opts for the sun roof

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Small Cars Better When Crashed

HEADLINE news of the day: the auto industry:

“Small Cars Improve in Crashes”

So say the Wall Street Journal and nine out of ten crash-test dummies…

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Save The Cars: Let’s Bomb Michigan

HOW to dave the US car indutry? John Cole, with a bailout plan the GOP can support.

We need to invade Michigan and rebuild the state from the ground up. We will be greeted as liberators, we have clear supply lines, and we can easily rebuild the auto industry with the kind of money we spend on other countries we invade. Hell, our new Secretary of State, Hillary of Clinton, spent the better part of the past year fighting for the rights of average folks from Michigan, so think of the good will we have with the public. This is very doable. Just tell Congress we will give KBR no-bid contracts to fix Detroit.

And citizens of Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, and DC- you better get your shit together or you are next.

But they’re not buying it.


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Overtaking In Russia’s Aqua Cars

TRAFFIC can be murder in Russia. In this still, the hero in the white car decides that he is too good to queue and will overtake by motoring along the pedestrians lane.

It is for reasons such as this you never see Russians adults below 4ft 9inches tall, apart from Vladimir Putin, obviously…


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Ford Wins: James Bond Loses

IN Quantum of Solace, Bond drives a crappy Ford 4×4.

Chris Hafner gags on it

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Corporate Jets Cheaper Than Hybrid Cars

IT seems like only yesterday when the Big Three flew in on their corporate jets to tell Congress, and the waiting nation, that they needed $25 billion to keep the wolves from the door, but it was all of a fortnight ago.

This time they drove to Washington in their humble hybrids, which put the price up to $34 billion; obviously corporate jets are real money-savers, and the sooner everyone sarts travelling by them the better.

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The Hoss Fly


HERE at the L.A. Auto Show, all of the really, um, interesting stuff is downstairs in Ketia Hall, where the mongrels are kept away from the purebreds upstairs.

That’s where we found things like a Rolls Royce rollin’ on 30-inch rims, a Lamborghini Gallardo with an oppressively loud stereo and this, well, we’re not sure what this is. It’s called the Hoss Fly and it’s made by Boss Hoss, the company famous (or infamous, depending upon your point of view) for stuffing V8 engines into motorcycles and trikes.

Look out for Anorak’s new car site.

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