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X Factor: Danyl Johnson Tears Kandy Rain Off A Strip

kandy-rainMIGHT it be possible to warm to Danyl Johnson, the X Factor warbler with the face of a Bronze Age Will Young, the post-modern reality TV wannabe who actually makes himself wince when he sings?

In the News of The World, a “FURIOUS Louis Walsh” has “branded one-time show favourite Danyl Johnson VILE and a BULLY after reducing his girl group Kandy Rain to tears.”

Kandy Rain are the former strippers whose band name sounds like an American tan ‘n’ stitches porn star.

The X Factor judge launched his astonishing attack after the band of former strippers sobbed down the phone to him when Danyl cruelly told them: “You’ve got NO chance of winning the show.”

Louis raged: “Kandy Rain rang me crying. Danyl was slagging them off telling them they were never going to win. He really bullied them. Danyl is vile. He’s everything I don’t like.”

Four girls rang Louis crying tears of pure sugary sweetness because Danyl told them what everyone else already knows, including Louis Walsh who’s bleating about the show being unfair led to the Daily Mail headline:

‘My X Factor acts won’t win,’ says Louis Walsh as he gives groups vote of no-confidence

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The X Factor Fixed It For Me

6623193WE’RE down to the final…24 in the X Factor, the pro-longed advertorial for Simon’s Cowell’s School For Music (please, sir, can we have no more).

These are the final 24 – the last 24 people in the UK to have not appeared in the grand final of a reality TV singing contest.

But hold a moment. It seems that the X Factor is less a school than a borstal, a last chance for jobbing wannabes to hit the big time and enter decent society, or clinch a walk-on part in Hollyoaks and/or a stint holding their enlarged chests in a lads’ mag:

Stacey McClean – a former player with pro outfit S Club Juniors.

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