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Baby P: Haringey Council Praised His ‘Loverly Parents’

BABY P: What the media is saying about Maria Ward and Gillie Christou (left) two social workers dismissed from Haringey Council following the death of Peter Connelly. The two are at Watford Employment Tribunal claiming their sacking was unfair.

Ms Ward, 40, was Peter’s social worker and Mrs Christou, 52, her team manager.

Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend Steven Barker, and his brother Jason Owen caused or allowed the 17-month-old child’s death.

The Sun, which campaigned for them to be sacked, reports:

LIES told by Baby P’s mother about the tortured mite’s injuries were “accepted without challenge” by his key social worker, a tribunal heard yesterday.

Antonella Lazzeri has more on “Evil Baby P’s mum”:

Ms Ward was warned by a worried childminder the tot had a big bruise on his chin.

She contacted Peter’s mum Tracey Connelly to ask how he got it. Connelly – one of three people jailed for causing or allowing the child’s death in 2007 – told her the injury was an old one.

The Tabloids

Gillie Christou says she and Maria Ward (pictured below) were unfairly sacked by the council over the case “to appease the tabloid press and politicians”.

“Haringey were wrong to make us scapegoats and to add our names to the list of Tracey Connelly’s victims.”

Sue Gilmore – a senior social worker in Haringey at the time

Ms Gilmore wrote a note on Peter’s case file, which read: “I gave her (Connelly) feedback, saying that she had been very open and honest about difficult things and said I was impressed that she had coped so well with so many difficulties.”


On a separate occasion Ms Gilmore publicly praised Peter’s mother, the tribunal in Watford, Hertfordshire, was told. Ms Ward said: “She said, ‘Maria has (ie, is working with) such lovely parents – don’t let her tell you she’s having trouble with them’.”

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