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Baby P’s Mother Letter In Full: Gallery

baby-p14THE mother of Baby P is awaiting sentence. She writes a letter to the judge. he reads:

“I am sorry for all the pain and suffering my failure has led to.

“I can only hope and pray my family, my ex-husband included, can one day forgive me of my mistakes. However, I know I can’t forgive myself of my shortcomings. I am truly sorry.”

This letter shows her to be of sound mind. If it was meant to elicit sympathy, it fails. It is damning…

Perhaps now the Sun can put aside its opportunistic campaign against the social workers to concentrate its report on the guilty? Remember that grave grab?

Baby P was the baby of hearts. A pet cause. Baby P – Where were you? Baby P – P is for Politics. The Baby P brand. Baby P sells paper: Three Baby Ps A Week, Every Week!

Baby P: Sharon Shoesmith’s Torture And the Sun’s Grave Grab

Baby P Grew Into A Feral Parasite Infesting Our Streets.

How The Sun Might Cost Haringey Over Baby P

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