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Baby P’s Mum Tracey Connelly And Stephen Barker, In Pictures

tracey-connelly-31BABY P’s mother is called Tracey Connelly. But, then, you all knew her name. Tracey Connelly, mother to Baby Peter, has been a hate figure on the web for months.

The 17-month-old boy’s mother pleaded guilty to causing or allowing Baby P’s death, but was cleared of murder on a judge’s directions.

On 11 November, 2008, Tracey Connelly’s 32-year-old boyfriend, Steven Barker, and another man, his brother Jason Barker (aka Jason Owen) were convicted at the Old Bailey in London on the same charge. Connelly and Steven Barker are jailed for a minimum of five years. Steven Barker raped a 2-year-old girl. The Barker brothers attcked their grandmother, Hilda Barker.

We can now legally name her. This is the trigger for other Tracey Connellys to steel themselves for when their namesake leaves jail one day, as surely she must.

Baby Peter was subjected to daily torture by the mother, Tracey Connelly, step father Steven Barker and lodger Jason Barker/Owen.

Baby Of Hearts

A revolting crime. Many crimes are. But did we need to see computer-generated images of baby P’s wounds? Any sentient being can imagine the pain and the wounds. Seeing them turns us into voyeurs. And Baby P was turned into the media’s Baby of Hearts.

Carole Malone told her readers of her horror at the horror:

I HAD to force myself to read it. And every sickening, gut-wrenching detail made me want to hunt down the monsters who’d hurt Baby P—or allowed him to be hurt—and hurt THEM.

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