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6 Weird And Fabulous Items Of Band Merchandise

TODAY, the world’s press heard about Britney Spears launching a new lingerie line, which just so happens to be called The Intimate Collection.

She announced this by posting a picture of her herself wearing the new range on Instagram. And she looked perfectly lovely in it.

Britter’s range will hit the shelves Stateside on September 9th and Europeans will either have to learn how to use the internet to buy things from abroad, or wait a few days and buy in European shops on September 26th.

That’s not the story though. It got us thinking about band merchandise – not everyone can be classy enough to release a range of tasteful undercrackers.

Most bands don’t veer too far away from t-shirts and mugs, but some go a bit mental. Tenacious D had a specially designated cum-rag fercryinoutloud.

So with that, shall we have a look at some of the weirdest (and therefore best) bits of band merch ever? Feel free to add you own in the comments.



Rammstein Dildo Box

Rammstein released a box-set with a load of dildos in it and, of course, they decided to base the sex toys on their own junk. That’s nice isn’t it?




Prodigy Toilet Cover Seat

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Before They Went Solo: Early Bands Of Bowie, Elton And Others

Billy Joel's hard rock duo - Attila

Billy Joel’s hard rock duo – Attila


MUSICIANS like Billy Joel and Elton John didn’t start out as solo acts. Like nearly all solo pop stars, they began as just another member of a band. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at musicians who we primarily identify as being solo acts and see what bands they were in before venturing out on their own and making it big.

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The Top 10 masked bands of all time (volume 1)


SINCE time immemorial singers have coloured their faces or hidden behind masks. The masks enable the singers to be freer, take on news personas and cut loose. We’ve flicked through the record archives here at Anorak Towers and now bring you the Top 10 masked pop stars and groups of all time:


Without doubt, the funniest masked band of all time, are the might Gwar. In their time, they’ve cut off limbs, given birth to ghouls and wheeled out giant menstruating beasts on stage. Their warty, demon masks are almost as important as their brand of schlock rock and god bless the lot of ’em.

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Glastonbury 2011 In Photos: Fans, Bands, Survival Skills Muddy Bogs

GLASTONBURY 2011: In Photos: The mud. The fans. The bands. Hideous toilets that the UN would condemn. A stranger in your tent, or yurt if you’re a thirtysomething stood in a muddy field with your mates, their mates and someone’s kid called Rufus who was taken out of school early to get a life experience. Squalor. Seasoned campaigners with wheelbarrows. The aching realisation that the plastic dickheads in the liveried camper trucks and the rooms in guest houses got it right. The low of getting sopping wet to the bone marrow and the high of not caring. The chance to be one of the mob up for a good time. The fantastic music  and the student with his bongo drums. The mix of the good and the bad. And the good tipping the balance…


Picture 1 of 23

Festival goers make their way through the mud at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset.

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