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Bangladesh cheap clothing factories: 8 die in fire – survivor pulled from Rana Savar debris 17 days building collapsed killing 1,000

Bangladesh Building Collapse

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The Rana Plaza building collapse: photos of Bangladesh’s ‘blood garments’ factory disaster

WHEN the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, near Dhakar, Bangladesh, many died. The garment factory was littered with more than 300 dead bodies. It is grim. The blame game has begun. The building housed garment factories making clothes for brands like Primark and Mango. Are they now ‘blood garments’? The rescue operation is also underway. Rescuers have bravely dug holes in the horror. Outside it is 90 degrees. Inside it is hellish. At least 80 people have been found alive.


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People and rescuers gather after an eight-story building housing several garment factories collapsed in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Dozens were killed and many more are feared trapped in the rubble. (AP Photo/ A.M. Ahad)

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Bangladeshi Building falls down: Primark to blame

Bangladesh Building Collapse

YOU’LL have seen the story all over the papers. That appalling disaster in Bangladesh where a building fell down killing hundreds.

As a result of which we’ve got the usual suspects crawling out of the woodwork insisting that the UK fashion chains are to blame for what happened. Primark, for example, should be running building inspectors over the factories and offices of all their suppliers.

All of which is really very slightly odd. The Bangladeshi Government itself is indicating that 90% of the buildings in the capital don’t in fact meet even local building codes. Someone in the UK is supposed to do better than this? Bring them up to scratch?

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Hifazat-e-Islam v the bloggers: a fight for the soul of Bangladesh (photos)

Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally

TO Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the Blasphemy Rally. The intolerant jihadis of Hifazat-e-Islam are demanding that the authorities enact an anti-blasphemy law punishing people who insult Islam. They want the alleged blasphemers executed. They also want a ban on “all foreign culture, including free mixing of men and women”. Well, not all foreign culture, just the foreign culture they don’t like. The imported Saudi Arabian stuff is fine.

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Bangladeshi labourer does amazing brick trick

THERE’S this idea among many Brits that ‘they’ are coming and taking all of ‘our’ jobs. This mainly concerns labouring jobs, where migrant workers come to Britain and work incredibly hard and get catcalled by Spesh swilling doleys who will find any excuse to not put a shift in.

Of course, there are examples in migrant workers being exploited and British grafters who can’t get a job, but being fair and even-handed isn’t nearly as fun as casting the net far and wide in the name of going, ‘eh readers?’

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Bangladesh Buddhists attacked by outraged Muslims

RESULT! Osama has found something on the internet that offends Islam. No. Not Spurs’ 3-2 win at Manchester United over the weekend (a million poxes on your house!). This is a Facebook page featuring a burnt Koran.

Without delay, Muslim militants trash Buddhist villages in Bangladesh, torching temples, monasteries and homes. Near Chittagong, the enlightened assaulted a Hindu temple.

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Islamists Riot Over Absolute Faith In Allah, Iraqi Children Play And A Protestant Northern Irish Car-B-Que

PHOTOS Of The Day: Every days images and news of world events drop into Anorak’s news box. You won’t seem them on the mainstream news. The BBC’s 10 o’clock bulletin, for example, is obsessed with Israel, Rupert Murdoch, film premiere, murder and itself. You are less likely to see:

Children play with cattle in the Tigris river in Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, July 10, 2011. The animals are bathed daily to help keep them healthy and to protect them from the heat. Yeah, no bombs, gurning madmen with sabres and gung-ho yanks cuddling dogs.

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Queensland Buys T-Shirts From Bangladesh To Promote ‘Buy Local’ Drive

FOLLOWING those floods in Queensland, local politico Anna Bligh issued the Operation Queenslander campaign, featuring a call to “Buy Local” and restore the Australian State’s economy.

The state bought 1,500 T-shirts to promote the drive.

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