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Body shaming balls: Sadiq Khan thinks woman are pathetic

Khan bans body ads


Are you shamed by adverts featuring fit and lithe women encouraging you to look like them? London mayor Sadiq Khan says you are, or at least, you might be. He isn’t discombobulated by these sort of ads. He is strong of mind and self-confident. It would take more than an advert to shake him. But you might well be weak and easily wounded by a picture on a poster. So Khan will protect you from seeing fit and lithe women trying to sell you products by banning them.

Yeah, Khan’s a bansturbator. The Mail, which knows more than most about picking women to pieces, notes:

Ads that ‘shame’ Londoners over their bodies are to be banned from the Tube and bus network, Sadiq Khan has announced. The newly-installed mayor said there will be a block on adverts that ‘demean’ women or encourage them to conform to unrealistic shapes. The policy means controversial marketing campaigns – like Protein World’s ‘Are you beach body ready?’ poster that provoked a huge backlash last year – will no longer be allowed.

Perfect. Right now a load of creatives are wondering how to form a campaign that will get banned and noticed. Get it right and that ad budget will be a steal.

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Photo Of The Year: Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks The Campus Anti-Smokers

REASONS to like Arnold Schwarzenegger No. 3458:



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Don’t panic: an extra minute in the shower will wash away that horrible Puritan spirit

Leicester Tigers' players give teammate Perry Freshwater a champagne shower

HAVE we been taken over by some alien race of puritans or something? They’re telling us today that having a long shower is a “waste”. One that we should righteously avoid:

An average shower lasts seven-and-a-half minutes, yet cutting just a minute off that time would save British households £215 million on energy bills each year, the report said.

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