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Bar Refaeli To Head Israeli Negotiating Team: Photos

SHOULD Bar Refaeli be the Israeli’s chief negotiator in any talks with the Palestinians? We ask in light of the news that best looking people are often the most intelligent. On the Palestinian side, we suggest Mahmoud Abbas keep his job. The older man with the nice hair paired with the fit young woman is a mainstay of the TV schedules (although not on Sky Sports where experiments with two middle-aged men have proved ruinous):


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Bar Refaeli Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Pictures

bar-refaeli-bikini-si-twitterBAR Refaeli is spotted in behind the scenes pictures of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. No burkini for Ms Rafaeli, who opts for the trim speedo-style swimwear to keep her on top of her game.

And no go faster swimsuit. Bar Refaeli is a sports purist, a Corinthian, who relies on what god gave her and minimal fibres to go higher, faster and for longer.

What sport Refaeli is famous for is a moot point, but a survey of the Anorak typing pool tells us that she is something of the dartist and once pulled off her double top to great effect.

These pictures are courtesy of Sports Illustrated’s editor MJ Day. The interview – Flippers Are This Year’s Crocs – is our own work:

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Legs In The Air: Sports Illustrated Has Plane Naked Bar Refaeli

BAR Refaeli, the Israeli model, is plane naked on the side of a SouthWest Airlines plane for Sports Illustrated.

Refaeil is the Memphis Belle made flesh and bikini straps. Readers will recall Kyla Ebbert who in July 2007,  was pulled aside by the SouthWest moral police as she was preparing to board a plane departing San Diego for Tucson and told her she was dressed too provocatively to fly.

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Finally, a plane you can have sex with

THE Interweb is ablaze with photos from this year’s Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated (it’s not sexist, it’s a tradition, m’kay).

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Bar Refaeli Jets Around Planet To Save It

SAYS Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli and one time muse of jet-setting global warming activist Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I think the green issue is one of the most important because this is our future and my kids future and yours and everyone’s. When I go to the beach I always clean up after myself and I clean around me too – what other people forget. The plastic bottles I even take home and recycle.”

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