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Whoops! Just like Iraq WMD goes missing in Syria

The use of sarin was Barack Obama’s “red line”. You can shoot, stab, and smash them with barrel bombs, but using chemical weapons to kill Syrians is bad.

The use of chemical weapons turned Syria’s embattled dictator Bashar al-Assad’s war against the rebels into a war crime. He must be stopped because it “is not just that President Assad might start using his chemical arsenal in much greater quantities… [but also] the prospect of it falling into even less benign hands.”

It’s not about ending the war in Syria; it’s about preventing us being next. It was also a connived argument against intervention – we only go if there are people being killed by poisoned gas. Starvation and a lack of medial aid for the critically ill exacerbated by armed blockades are morally superior ways to die.



There were impassioned calls for intervention:

There are no good choices — good outcomes in Syria are impossible to imagine. But if it is proved to a certainty that Assad is trying to kill his people with chemical weapons, then Obama may have no choice but to act, not only because he has put the country’s credibility on the line (Iran and North Korea are undoubtedly watching closely), but also because the alternative — allowing human beings to be murdered by a monstrous regime using the world’s most devilish weapons, when he has the power to stop it — is not a moral option for a moral man.

As Time noted: “Rebels’ use of chemical weapons] could force Obama into the deeper engagement he has long resisted: the alarming prospect that radical Islamists could acquire Syrian chemical weapons and try to use them beyond Syria’s borders, perhaps even within the US.”

Just as Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction led us into Iraq, WMDs would pull us into action in Syria.

You might wonder if WMD gases are more potent than conventional method of mass killing, as one expert told The Register: “Far from possessing any special deadliness, chemical warheads are less potent than ordinary conventional-explosive ones. Calling them “WMD”, which suggests they are in some way equivalent to nuclear bombs, is simply ridiculous.’ He concluded: ‘So, if your aim is to kill and injure as many people as possible, you’d be a fool to use chemicals. And yet chemicals are rated as WMD, while ordinary explosives aren’t.”

But there is no time to pause and consider the facts. We are 45-minutes from certain death. We must go in now.

We never did find any WMD in Iraq. And now news reaches us that more big weapons have vanished in the Middle East.  Newsweek reports:

Lost in the hyper-politicized hullabaloo surrounding the Nunes Memorandum and the Steele Dossier was the striking statement by Secretary of Defense James Mattis that the U.S. has “no evidence” that the Syrian government used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people…

Serious, experienced chemical weapons experts and investigators such as Hans Blix, Scott Ritter, Gareth Porter and Theodore Postol have all cast doubt on “official” American narratives regarding President Assad employing Sarin.

The bigger question is how this sectarian war in Syria came to be about America and us?

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Donald Trump discovers ‘Nambia’ where Namibia used to be

Donald Trump is in Africa. He’s meeting with the leading of ‘Nambia’.

Presidential? Very. In Nambia, do they speak Austrian?

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Trump criminalises the Muslims Obama bombed

President Trump’s executive order on Muslim migration, stopping all refugee admissions and barring people for 90 days from entering the US from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen- is illiberal, wrong and harmful.

There’s a grim irony in a US ban on refugees fleeing destruction and depravation in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other countries America has done so much to destabilise. The US, under the Obama administration, was happy to sell arms to its ‘special’ Saudi Arabian ally and back a Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen that has killed 131 people at a wedding and 140 civilians at a funeral.

Now Trump’s America has made you a criminal for having been born in a place riven by war. You were not an innocent victim of a bomb ‘Made In America’. You were a suspect.

If America ever stood for anything, it never stood for anything so ignoble. For a man who professed to epitomise a rebellion against the elite, Trump’s sure got it in to for the ordinary citizens of those countries. If you’re an Iranian diplomat, you’re ok. The travel ban does not not extend to you. Trump supporters should consider that.

Like you, I wonder why why Trump’s ban doesn’t include Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Pakistan, counties whose citizens have attacked the US? Like you, I wonder why there were no protests at Saudi Arabia’s ban on US and UK citizens born in Israel?

Many are upset and are giving full throat to their disgust. But a lot of it is misdirected. The Mirror leads with the news that Trump is not welcome in the UK. The way to ridicule a bansturbator like T’he Donald’ is not ban him. It’s to usher him in and show him that reason trumps his house of cards.


Daily Mirror trump


The petition seeking to prevent Trump’s state visit is popular. But, boy, is it weak.


trump petition



It’s a change of tone from all that news of Her Majesty being strong, stoic and enduring. Prince Andrew’s mother is not so easily embarrassed.

And, yeah. Monarchy beats democracy. How’s that for progress?



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Fear President Trump: Obama’s legacy takes the chair

Donald Trump’s presidency is causing one Guardian writer to come over all anti-democratic.

I turned off the radio after Obama said, in his final speech: “In 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next.” I yearned for a leader who would say something like: “Hey, there was foreign intervention in this election, along with voter disenfranchisement, so maybe it wasn’t free and fair.”

You might recall when Barack Obama popped over to the UK to tell Britishers how voting for Brexit would relegate the country to the “back of the queue”? As Henry Kissinger put it: “Obama seems to think of himself not as part of a political process, but as sui generis, a unique phenomenon with a unique capacity.”

The Guardian writer adds:

We didn’t need to know the minutiae of the Russian intervention; we already knew that it raised questions so grave that the whole transfer of power should have been halted while it was investigated.

So is democracy not free and fair when it delivers the result you don’t want?

Only one tabloid leads with Donald Trump’ inauguration. The Mirror introduces the 45th President of the United States. “Now the world holds its breath,” it adds. Over pages 4 and 5 readers are told “IT COULD ALL GO VERY BADLY WRONG.” The paper produces a listicle: “20 reasons why Trump’s reign could be a disaster for USA & World.”




Across the page, we see a picture of the Obamas sharing a hug as they gaze out from the White House. The message is clear: the good times are over. The good people are gone.

But let’s look at that list.

2. The rich will get richer.

What of Obama’s record, under whom African-Americans’ economic fortunes declined?

4. Deport illegal immigrants.

Under Obama, the US facilitated around 2.5million deportations. A record.

This is not to undermine Obama’s achievements and record. As the New York Times reports, Obama pulled “the nation back from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”. This is to highlight monocular reporting of a man whose wife billed him as “a leader who’s going to touch our souls”.

Lest any reader not have got the Mirror’s point, its editorial thunders, “Reasons to be fearful.” Brian Reade delivers Trump’ speech as he imagines it. People are “subjects of the Trump organisation”. But didn’t we all buy into Obama’s world, the man whose identity was key to his success? When Trayvon Martin was killed by a white Hispanic vigilante in 2012, Trump opined: “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

So how do you follow that? What is Obama’s legacy? Is it Donald Trump? “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America: there’s the United States of America,” said Obama in 2004. Now what do you see in a country where ‘white man’ has become an insult more than an observation?

Once all eyes were on Obama the man not the party activist, a politico branded ‘The One’, by Oprah Winfrey; now they are on Trump and his identity.

Plus ca change.

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Beyond parody: Barack Obama saves the plant by burning up the Everglades

Barack Obama is beyond parody: the US President is making sacrifices for the planet:

President Barack Obama announced in his weekly address that he will travel to the Florida Everglades on Wednesday, which is Earth Day, to bring attention to the dangers of climate change.

If one man on a huge 747 Jumbo Jet (plus bodyguards, support craft, a massive limo, Press pack and guns – lots of guns) can save the planet imagine what you can do?

It’s only an “occassional use of private avitaion fuel“…

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Barack Obama backs San Antonio Spurs over free speech and Paris

So. Barack Obama wasn’t at the Paris unity rally (formerly the rally for free speech):

The White House erred in not sending a higher-profile representative to this weekend’s solidarity march in France following a terrorist attack on a satirical newspaper, press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

“It’s fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there,” Earnest told reporters at the White House.

“Had the circumstances been a little bit different, I think the president himself would have liked to be there,” Earnest added. . . .

What was Obama doing?

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Obama Moves To Control The Internet

IN the USA, Barack Obama saya the way to keep the internet free is to, er, regulate it:

“So President Obama has announced that the Internet should be regulated as a public utility. He’s asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reclassify internet service providers (ISPs) from “information services” under Title I as telecommunications providers under Title II regulatory guidelines. This is all being done in the name of ‘Net Neutrality,’ keeping the Internet free and open, prohibiting ‘fast lanes’ for certain services and sites, making sure no legal content is blocked, and all other horribles that…have failed to materialize in the absence of increased federal regulation.”

It’s about control, no?

Proponents argue that Title II regulation would ensure the free and fair flow of traffic across the Internet. Opponents, however, believe the reorientation would mean onerous rules that would limit investment in the infrastructure and in new services, and that toll roads of sorts would provide better service to companies that can support their higher traffic volumes. But that in turn has created widespread concern that ISPs could throttle service in some instances, intentionally slowing some content streams and speeding others.

Yep. It’s about control…

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Barack Obama: The ‘True Anti-Semite’ Who Wants Peace With Nuclear Iran

BARACK Obama has been corresponding with Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s leader.


The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Obama had secretly written Khamenei in October to discuss U.S. and Iran’s common interest in combating ISIL. According to the report, Obama said that U.S.-Iran work in the fight against ISIL relied upon Iran’s cooperation on reaching a long-term agreement on the country’s nuclear program by the Nov. 24 deadline.

The report also indicated that Obama assured Khamenei that U.S. airstrikes in Syria would not target the regime of President Bashar Assad, an important ally for Iran.

The BBC profiled Khemenei as a Holocaust denier (he is), bigot and sworn enemy of the West.

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Oil Wars: Saudi Arabian Terror And Obama’s Subservience Are At The Heart Of The IS Crisis

The President of the USA Barack Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, before the official G20 photocall with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Picture date: Wednesday April 1, 2009.

The President of the USA Barack Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, before the official G20 photocall with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Picture date: Wednesday April 1, 2009.

IS Saudi Arabia at the heart of the IS crisis?

Last year, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad was the enemy. He had crossed Barack Obama’s “red line”, the President of America reasoning that shooting people in the face was not as bad as poisoining them.

The Saudis want Assad gone.

The WSJ noted a deal:

When Mr. Kerry [US Secretary of State JohnKerry]  touched down in Jeddah to meet with King Abdullah on Sept. 11, he didn’t know for sure what else the Saudis were prepared to do. The Saudis had informed their American counterparts before the visit that they would be ready to commit air power—but only if they were convinced the Americans were serious about a sustained effort in Syria. The Saudis, for their part, weren’t sure how far Mr. Obama would be willing to go, according to diplomats.

The US needed a big Arab ally to get ISIS. So:

The Americans knew a lot was riding on a Sept. 11 meeting with the king of Saudi Arabia at his summer palace on the Red Sea. A year earlier, King Abdullah had fumed when President Barack Obama called off strikes against the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. This time, the U.S. needed the king’s commitment to support a different Syrian mission—against the extremist group Islamic State—knowing there was little hope of assembling an Arab front without it.

At the palace, Secretary of State John Kerry requested assistance up to and including air strikes, according to U.S. and Gulf officials. “We will provide any support you need,” the king said.

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PROOF: 6 Ways Barack Obama Is Using Ebola To Murder Americans, Kill Jesus And Avenge Slaves

People read newspaper headlines commenting on American President Barrack Obama's announcement on sending troops to fight the Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. Liberia's president called Wednesday on the world to do more to end a spiraling Ebola outbreak, saying "Liberia cannot defeat Ebola alone." President Barrack Obama announced Tuesday that he will order 3,000 military personnel to West Africa to help contain the dreaded disease, which has killed at least 2,400 people. The U.S. is also planning on delivering 17 treatment centers with 100 beds each to Liberia, which has been hardest hit by the outbreak. (AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh)

People read newspaper headlines commenting on American President Barrack Obama’s announcement on sending troops to fight the Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. 


YOU know that ebola has been found in the USA? And you know Barack Obama is mixed race? And you know that…

Obama is Infecting Christians with Ebola To Destroy Jesus and Start A New Age of Liberal Darkness

The website Christwire, which sounds like a expletive – CHRISTWIRE! we’re fecked!!! – has news:

‘Abe’ has news you can use:

Barack Obama has used genetics to manufacture the most powerful virus in the history of mankind. The virus is an evolved form of EBOLA, a deadly virus that causes the body to bleed to death in a week…

Keep in mind, Obama-era evolution of Ebola has already killed thousands in Africa, and only moments ago, a person dropped dead in London from Obama-Ebola.

Do no forget, the B.O. in Ebola stands for Barack Obama. The rest of the acronym has been up for debate in the news media community.

Who to blame? Is there an ObArmy?

The virus is easily spread and all of the illegals who have just so suddenly been allowed to come into America, you may ask why is this happening? They are all carriers of the virus. They have the cure already in their bloodstream, but they are contagious. These illegals are the source of the spread and just you watch, in about 30 days the first cases of Ebola will start infecting Americans.

But the government already has the cure. So what is the problem?

The problem is that Obama controls the cure.

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Josh Lederman, Barack Obama And The War On Bush And Facts

BARACK Obama has ordered air strikes on Islamic State. Washington, France and five named Arab nations have joined the fight on the jihadists.

“I can confirm that US military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against Isil terrorists in Syria,” said Rear Admiral John Kirby, a Pentagon press secretary, in a statement. “Given that these operations are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide additional details at this time.”

The Washington Post said the Arab states helping the US are: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Oh, and Qatar is playing a “supporting role”.

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Hope And Change In Syria And Iraq: Vote Obama Get Romney

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, adjusts his translation ear piece during a U.N. Security Council meeting, Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, at the United Nations headquarters. The Security Council met Friday to discuss the situation of the Islamic State group in Iraq. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, adjusts his translation ear piece during a U.N. Security Council meeting, Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, at the United Nations headquarters. The Security Council met Friday to discuss the situation of the Islamic State group in Iraq. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

HOW’S that pledge not to be like Mitt Romney going?

Two months before the 2012 presidential election, Vice President Biden warned on the campaign trail that Mitt Romney wanted to go to war with Syria…

“He said it was a mistake to set an end date for our warriors in Afghanistan and bring them home. He implies by the speech that he’s ready to go to war in Syria and Iran,” Biden said in his speech.
Biden also went after the Republican presidential nominee when Romney called Russia America’s “number one geopolitical foe.”

“He wants to move from cooperation to confrontation with Putin’s Russia,” Biden said. “And these guys say the president’s out of touch? Out of touch? Swiss bank account, untold millions in the Cayman Islands. Who’s out of touch, man?”


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The War On ISIS Isn’t A War It’s An ‘Effort’ Says Barack ‘Adrian Mole’ Obama

The cast if Thames TV dramatisation of Sue Townsends best seller, The secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 and 3 quarters on location in Harrow, London. * (L-R) Beryl Reid (Grandma), Gian Sammarco (Adrian), Stephen Moore and Julie Walters (Adrian's parents). Date: 18/03/1985

The cast if Thames TV dramatisation of Sue Townsends best seller, The secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 and 3 quarters on location in Harrow, London. * (L-R) Beryl Reid (Grandma), Gian Sammarco (Adrian), Stephen Moore and Julie Walters (Adrian’s parents). Date: 18/03/1985


WHEN is a war not a war? That question to Obama, who calls the assault on ISIS an “effort”. Did he ever read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, the fictional diary of a teenager?

One entry reads:

The nation has been told that Britain and Argentina are not at war, we are at conflict.

Dan Froomkin:

This was not going to be a huge deal, he indicated. He called it an “effort,” not a war, and stressed that “this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.” There was no talk of shock and awe; what Obama had in mind was a ”counterterrorism campaign” that “will be waged through a steady, relentless effort.” And Obama’s lack of any specificity regarding the scale of the effort, the timing, goals for partner participation, or any kind of metrics for success was either cover for him not really having a viable plan — or a brilliant rhetorical strategy to keep open the option of ratcheting everything back once the hysteria passes. Or both.

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What Obama Said About Iraq In 2008

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to meet with Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014. Kerry arrived in Cairo for a short visit of less than a day to discuss how Egypt can help in the fight against the Islamic State group. He has been on a regional trip to garner support for President Barack Obama’s initiative to go assemble a coalition of nations willing to go after the militant group. Kerry heads to Paris next for a meeting on how to support Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State group, which holds large parts of Iraq and Syria. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to meet with Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014. Kerry arrived in Cairo for a short visit of less than a day to discuss how Egypt can help in the fight against the Islamic State group. He has been on a regional trip to garner support for President Barack Obama’s initiative to go assemble a coalition of nations willing to go after the militant group. Kerry heads to Paris next for a meeting on how to support Iraq in its fight against the Islamic State group, which holds large parts of Iraq and Syria. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)


THIS New York Times op-ed about Iraq by candidate Barck Obama in 2008 is worthy of mention:

MCCAIN: “The differences on Iraq in this campaign are deep. Unlike Senator John McCain, I opposed the war in Iraq before it began, and would end it as president. I believed it was a grave mistake to allow ourselves to be distracted from the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban by invading a country that posed no imminent threat and had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Since then, more than 4,000 Americans have died and we have spent nearly $1 trillion. Our military is overstretched. Nearly every threat we face — from Afghanistan to Al Qaeda to Iran — has grown.”

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Groundhog Day 2: Barack Obama Plays George W Bush In The Iraq War Sequel



DID you hear Barack Obama making statement about Iraq airstrikes? Somewhere Bill Murray is waking up in a hotel room at 6AM to Sonny & Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’.



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Who Is The Santa Monica Artist Calling Barack Obama ‘Sub Par’?

PA-18585344 (1)



WHO is Barack Obama’s ‘Sub Par ‘artist decorating Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar” around a picture of the President using a gold club?

Obama has played 150 rounds of golf since winning the White House. Is that lot?

Anorak had long thought ‘I’m off to play golf’ a euphemism for much for fun times. But it turns out that Obama really does play actual golf. Odd. Where does he find time for the extra-marital shags, a drugs habit and other things we love in our elected leaders?  Some reports tell us that Obama can take anything up to six hours to play a single round. This is reassuring. If golf is about escaping the home – which it entirely is – Obama is playing at the ideal speed.

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Oprah Winfrey: People ‘Disrespect’ Obama Because He’s Black (But Wanting Bush Dead Was OK)

bush shot dead

OPRAH Winfrey tells the BBC that President Barack Obama attracts “disrespect” because he’s black.

“There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

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Obama Caught Lying Over Obamacare: At Least Nixon Made An Effort


BARACK Obama is not a liar. He’s just economical with the actualité:

President Barack Obama told his enthusiastic supporters Monday night that he never promised what video recordings show him promising at least 29 times. The videos show Obama promising 300 million Americans that “if you like your health-care plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan, period.”

But that’s not what he really said, Obama announced Monday…

Here’s the chart:

Afrordable care act flo chart




Says Obama to the “folks”:

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How’s ‘Making Government Cool Again’ Working Out For Obama?


HOW’S coolness working out for Obama?

On September 11, 2008, Ben mMith write in Politico:

“Barack Obama addressed the wide distaste for government… ‘Our campaign from the beginning has been about changing government,’ he said, recalling some great accomplishments of American government: Civil rights legislation, the interstate highway system, and the National Park system. Obama would, he said, ‘transform Washington’ and ‘make government cool again.'”


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Kickstarter needs to you to help book that says Obama is the Antichrist!

obama lizard

CARTOONIST Rick Geary has launched a Kickstarter campaign we can really get behind. He wants fans to fund a book called ‘A is for Antichrist: Obama’s Conspiracy Alphabet’.

Of course, everyone loves a conspiracy theory (and the more outlandish the better) and he wants to get the weirdest rumours around about the American president put them all together in one glorious alphabet book.

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Syria: refugees says Obama won’t protect them because he’s a Muslim

obama islamOBAMA can’t win with everyone. Atlantic reports on anti-Americanism spreading in Syrian refugee camps. UN figure say two million have fled the country since the rebellion began in 2011.

Over a million Syrians have fled the war over the past six months, bringing the total outside the country up to 2 million. Half of them are children. Whether or not the U.S. intervenes, that overall figure is expected to climb to over 3 million by year’s end. UNHCR officials describe it as the worst refugee crisis in 20 years.

“Why don’t Americans and your media pay attention to this crisis?” Ahmad Hasan, who worked as a taxi driver outside Aleppo until his family fled to Amman earlier this year, asked me. . . .

A strong undercurrent of anti-Americanism also is shaping young minds within the camp. Uprooted and uneducated young men sit idle, spreading rumors and videos of violence back home via social media sites — Zaatari has its own Facebook page — often devoid of context. Boredom and lack of education make for a potent cocktail. Kids I interviewed play a version of war, where one team is the Assad regime and the other is the FSA.

Such populations may be nurturing a new generation of angry Muslim youths who view the United States, and especially its president, as hypocritical at best, and enablers of Assad’s war crimes at worst.

“Everybody is against the Syrian people,” said a former lieutenant in the Syrian military I met in Zaatari, who defected to the opposition. He was sitting on a cot in a prefab caravan, surrounded by other Syrian men wounded in the war. “We’re giving our blood but for Obama that is not enough.”

After cursing the American president in Arabic, he continued, “Obama is ‘Hussein’ – son of Muslims. If he were a Christian he would support us. But he’s a Muslim.” He shakes his head and his eyes tear up. “It’s always Muslims against Muslims.”

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Views on Obama’s Gut-free Syria mission: Help Kickstart World War III and get with change

VIEWS on Obama’s moves on Syria:

Charles Pierce:

“The Gut is a perversion of the notion of an activist president. Active does not mean reflexive. Being an activist does not imply thoughtlessness. Thinking is an activity. Considering all the possibilities can be an extraordinarily active business. (In fact, Neustadt, and through him, John F. Kennedy, had a positive mania for “options.” They thought that deciding among several courses of action was the proper function of leadership.) The Gut is the opposite of that. The Gut feels the right course of action in a situation — “He tried to kill my dad!” “With us or against us!” — and then acts on it. The Gut resists options and the active process of deciding among them. Barack Obama is not a man of The Gut, and it is driving official Washington crazy.”

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Dying from a marijuana overdose in Washington and Colorado: weed turns you into a violent criminal

NICK Wing has a GIF showing all of the people who have died after overdosing on pot:


In the US, Attorney General Eric Holder says the Department of Justice would allow Colorado and Washington to create a regime that would regulate and implement the ballot initiatives that legalised the use of marijuana for adults. The two states voted in November 2012 to approve initiatives for legalised marijuana. Problem is that under federal law, weed is illegal. So. Does State law trump national law?

In a word, yes. But Holder says the State must include “strong and effective regulatory and enforcement systems”.

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Syria: Obama leaves ‘unreliable’ British out in the Maldives

CANNES, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 04:  The President of The United States Barack Obama arrives at the conference centre for the second day of the G20 Summit on November 4, 2011 in Cannes, France. World's top economic leaders are attending the G20 summit in Cannes on November 3rd and 4th, and are expected to debate current issues surrounding the global financial system in the hope of fending off a global recession and finding an answer to the Eurozone crisis.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

HOW that Special Relationship getting along after Iraq and Afghanistan?

“British military chiefs are being ejected from US meetings about Syria in the first direct consequence of David Cameron’s refusal to join military action. The role of senior British officers based at US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, has been downgraded because they cannot be trusted with high-level intelligence about a conflict with which they are no longer involved, military sources say.”

Last week, John Kerry, the US secretary of state referred to France as “our oldest ally” pointedly not mentioning Britain.

Defence secretary Philip Hammond told Channel 4 News:

“I am disappointed and I am slightly apprehensive. We have a very close working relationship with the Americans. It is a difficult time for our armed forces, having prepared to go into this action, to then be stood down and have to watch while the US acts alone or perhaps the US acts with France… It’s certainly a reversal of the usual position and it will be an uncomfortable place for many people in the British armed forces who are used to working along.”

Does Obama not care for The British? Let we forget his immortal words:

“And in terms of the Maldives or the Falklands, whatever your preferred term, our position on this is that we are going to remain neutral. We have good relations with both Argentina and Great Britain, and we are looking forward to them being able to continue to dialogue on this issue. But this is not something that we typically intervene in.”

Such are the facts…


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Obama threatens a repeat of Trayvon Martin, Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian


BARACK Obama says that race relations are going to get worse in America unless… The White House Dossier reports:

President Obama said that if economic prescriptions of the type he supports to increase economic growth and reduce “income inequality” are not adopted, then race relations in the United State may deteriorate further.

“If we don’t do anything, then growth will be slower than it should be. Unemployment will not go down as fast as it should. Income inequality will continue to rise,” Obama said in an interview published Sunday by the New York Times. “Racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot. If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested, ” he said.

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