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Bad British Basketball Commentary on Basketball Mean Time (Video)

ANORAK’s pal Anthony Richardson has been working as a basketball reporter on NBA basketball games:

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Fox News reporter throws basketball in toddler’s face

Titus Ashby

FOX News reporters are all dreadful and are probably secret Illuminati lizards or something, so it should come as no surprise that one such anchor made an infant cry, live on TV.

The child in question is called ‘Trick Shot’ Titus Ashby who has deadly accuracy in the paint, lobbing free-throws in for fun. He’s two years old.

He’s been hitting the hoop since he was 15 months young, so it is no surprise that he’s making TV appearances.

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Four Girls One Cup: Missouri High School girls test their aims

urine missouri school

WHEN Monett High School girls’ basketball team took on the ladies of Cassville High School in southwest Missouri, the Cassville players poured a cup of urine into a water cooler used by Monett players.

A letter to Monett parents said that four Cassville players urinated into one cup. But, oddly, only one player’s urine was selected to be tipped into the water cooler. What happend to the other urine? Did it not meet exacting standards? Did it contain traces of illicit and misused drugs?

Cassville school leaders have apologised and the miscreants ticked off.

And, what with his being America, Monett school administrators add:

“Our understanding at this time is that the individual whose urine was used will be undergoing tests to determine if any health risks are present. We will pass along any information we receive.”

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Sports analysis of man who won’t share ice-cream at the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers game

orlando magic pacers ice cream

BRITISH sporting coverage is lousy compared to what you can see in the States. There’s no forced boys-club bon homie, instead, you get a dizzying amount of statistics for the nerds, and mind-bending irreverence for the casual viewer. Oh, and their sports documentaries (as seen with ESPN’s ’30 for 3o’ series and all those great NFL films) are unparalleled.

Today, we focus on irreverence.

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LeBron James tackles fan after $75k half-court shot!

AS athletes go, they don’t get much more famous than LeBron James. With that, you’d expect him to be something of a professional bore like you see in the English Premier League. Not on your life. See, LeBron jumped all over a fan, while hooting and screaming in celebration.

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Basketball’s big heads: a gallery of a sporting craze

BASKETBALL is not sport that has gripped Anorak – until now. The fans are winning us over by holding aloft giant faces when the opposition goes to shoot.

The last great craze in British football was the inflatable banana:

It was the 1988/89 football season that saw the inflatables craze really take off…. Frank had moved up to a six-foot crocodile but the rest of the fans had caught up with him. At a pub outside Hull he was joined by fans carrying a toucan, a seven foot golf club, a spitfire, a Red Baron and two bananas. At the ground there were still more: parrots, gorillas, panthers and literally hundreds of bananas… The movements reached it apogee in 1987 when four fans appeared at West Bromwich Albion’s ground carrying an inflatable paddling pool. Sharks and penguins were both represented. (Arsenal fans favoured the inflatable fried egg.)

At one end of the terrace stood Godzilla. Six foot tall, green and mean, this dinosaur was a match for anybody. At the other end of the terrace stood Frankenstein’s Monster. Slowly they baean to converge towards the centre of the terrace. The crowd roared.

Oh, how envious are we of the giant disembodied head. If the movement has hero it is Jackson Blankenship, a freshman at Alabama, who uses a massive photograph of his own face. Well, at least this way the fans can work out who not to sit behind. The pioneer was Conor Mongan:

“I was thinking of the most visually disturbing elements that could get into the peripheral of the shooter and kind of throw them off.”

Who would make the best head?


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Basketball Player Slam Dunks Himself

IN this video a basketball player dunks himself. In the future, all sports will be played without balls. Look out for missing the ball being repackaged as Air Cricket, Air Tennis and Air Golf…

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Minnesota Timberwolves V LA Lakers Photos: Arsenal Star Knits At Basketball Bore Fest

THE Minnesota Timberwolves, the LA Lakers and, vitally, the Laker Girls, performed at London’s O2 Arena last night before pretty much the entire Arsenal treatment room: Robin van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen and Cesc Fabregas swapped sitting on a soft sofa for sitting on a bench. Did they enjoy the game?

Well, the Mail focuses on the idea that they were leering at the ladies. The lads sat on the front row – “a perfect spot to watch the match – and check out the scantily-clad ladies dancing their socks off before and during the game.” Or as our alternative photos show, the front row a perfect spot to look a bit glum, check text messages and for Van Persie to… Well, what is he up to. Is the sometime Arsenal player unfurling a travel rug or knitting one?

Read PIES – the best football site in zer vorld!


Picture 1 of 10

(left-right) Arsenal's Robin Van Persie, Thomas Vermalen, Francesc Fabregas and Carlos Vela during the NBA Europe Live match at the O2 Arena, London.

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In Photos: The ReD Foxes Dancing Girls Banned From The World Basketball Championships

THE ReD Foxes Dance Team have been banned from the FIBA World basketball Championship 2010, being held in Turkey. They are banned because their outfits are deem “too provocative” and could “insult the participants from the Muslim countries”.

Yes, readers, red-blooded, testosterone-raddled professional athletes – whose job is putting a ball into a net – will be insulted by the sight of fit dancing girls warming up the crowd. Because you are not pro basketball players (we’d done a survey and that is just a vest you’re wearing), here are pictures of the true stars of the show…

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White man can’t jump (with video evidence)

WHEN you’re pushing 7ft tall, as many basketball players do, dunking the ball is not that difficult. Finding new, athletic ways to dunk the ball – that’s not so easy, even for big men.

So hats off to Wyoming’s Adam Waddell, who has found a new way to send the basketball home. It’s not particularly safe, but it is new…

It’s a FAIL, but tinged with success.

Posted: 20th, March 2009 | In: Sports | Comment

Prodigy Watch: white kids can’t jump, can shoot

BUT Dad, I just want to play with my toys.

Shut up and put the ball in the damned hoop, son. We’re headed for the NBA, you and me…

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An awesome sporting prank that you must see

LET’S all laugh at the kid who thought he’d won $500,000! No, really, let’s laugh because it is an extra-special prank, and we insist you sit through it…

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NBA mascot scores with a little help from his friend

PRIOR to the NBA celebrity All-Star game last week, Rufus, the mascot for the Charlotte Bobcats, tossed a basketball over his head. It flew into the basket, but only thanks to an assist by the groin of Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks’ mascot.  Bango also flew – well, fell – into the basket, injuring his knee in the process. Bango will require knee surgery. Hey, we didn’t say there was a happy ending.

Watch the highly amusing incident after the click…

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VIDEO: Huge brawl kicks off at high-school basketball game

AH, screw the basketball, let’s fight. A dozen kids were arrested for their roles in this near-riot that broke out during a high-school basketball game in Alabama. Watch the action after the jump…

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VIDEO: Basketball fan overcelebrates

CAN you celebrate too much? Yes, you can, as this enthusiastic young b-ball fan proves…

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