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Australia Continues To Demand Battersea Power Station Ceases Dirty Energy Production

MORE news on the Australian Greens campaigning to have Battersea Power Station closed down. The reaction of those caught trying to shut a marketing venue thousands of miles away is a denial:

Australian Conservation Foundation climate and clean energy campaigner Phil Freeman last night denied the Battersea Power Station image was used, insisting it was a “representation of a power station taken from a stock image”.

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Australian Greens Want Battersea Power Station Shut: Say Yes To Carbon Tax

TO Australia, where the government is promoting its carbon tax in a “Say Yes” campaign. The video features all sorts of people stating why more tax is good – and fossil fuels are bad.

Get a load of that carbon-belching coal-fired power station in the backgrond. It looks not a lot unlike Battersea Power Station, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s stunning London landmark – a heritage site – that stopped producing energy in 1983.

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