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BBC Outs Gaza Tunnel Owner Abu Ibrahim: Fail

bbc-failIN a BBC article on Gaza, readers learnt of a “flourishing mini-economy developed around the tunnels” that cross the Gaza-Egypt border. They also learn the name of the person running an illegal tunnel.

The story is also about an investment schemes backed by Hamas that turned out to be fraudulent and ripped locals off.

Says Osama (only first name given):

“They bought houses, cars, nice jeeps, land, why are they not convicted? They are enjoying their lives on our money!…

May they account before God for the single shekel I spent to go and vote for them!”

Says the BBC:

The day Israel launched its 22-day offensive on Gaza , a year ago, Osama and his family lost most of their $70,000 life savings…

Israel bombed the tunnels during its operation, but a year later, traders say the volume of smuggled goods is greater than ever.

Tunnel owner Abu Ibrahim – who also speaks on condition of anonymity – sits in his Gaza City shop among goods ranging from electric ovens to plasma TVs and deep fat fryers.

And handcuffs…


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