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A-Flat Minor: The Beaconsfield Mine Disaster: A Musical

TO Australia where Beaconsfield: A Musical in A-Flat Minor will debut in Melbourne tomorrow night.

Miner Larry Knight was killed in a rockfall at the mine on Anzac Day 2006, while Brant Webb and Todd Russell were trapped for 14 days.

It’s terrific show, if a little slow in parts…

Mr Russell tells us:

“(I feel) disgusted, really, in the way they’re going about it and what they’re going to call it,” he said on ABC radio.

“When they’re calling it ‘A-flat Minor’ it’s appalling I think, just a lack of respect for the Knight family. It’s better off being left alone, people are trying to get along with lives, trying to move forward, and they just keep using this tragedy of ours.”

Everyone’s critic. What about the show?

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Posted: 7th, October 2008 | In: Strange But True | Comments (2)