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A Peek Inside David And Victoria Beckham’s ‘James Bond’ Kitchen

james bond copy


THE Beckhams are returning to the UK. No longer will we have to catch snippets of their life overseas through foreign newspapers and photos from the society pages. Back home, we’ll get to see them all the time. And in readiness for the big return, the Beckhams’ family home is being made ready. Heat magazine reports that the mansion will  feature a  “James Bond-style” kitchen. 

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Grandstanding For Haiyan: The Beckhams Sell Their Clothes

THE Beckham – that’s David and Victoria – have given lots of their old clothes to be sold off to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines with huge loss of life.

Good for them. So what if it’s grandstanding. So long as it helps the victims, all to the good.

Some people have put the kit up for resale on eBay. And good for them, too. Actually wearing a Beckham cast-off is a bit creepy.





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The 10 Most Bizarre Names In The World: To Helen Back With Jo King

DICKENS was right – people do get the name that describes them best. Old Mr Anorak’s old war valet Helmut Hertz joins us in looking at the most bizarrer – most Dickensian – names bestowed on babies in recent times.

Charlotte Rampling “It sounds like something she does.”

Names can also reflect the times, and while it is unlikely there will be flurry of Gordons any decade soon, Barack is sure to figure on birth cerficates. And then there are the likes of The Beckhams, who give their children theme names.

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The Beckhams Roll Back The Clock

DAY-VID and Vicky Beckham roll back the clock and remember how it was before depilation, baseball caps and airbrushing…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Farting, With Paris Hilton And Barack Obama

FARTING is sure to catch on. And to be prepared, here are Anorak’s Top Facts About Farting:

1. Barack Obama was schooled in Indonesia, where farting is considered an art form on a par with finger painting.

2. In times of recession, sales of baked beans and vegetables and raisins soar. Scientists at the North American Institute Of Global Warming calculate that the Arctic began to break up in the 1970s, when, ironically, power cuts and the three day week were at their height.

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Beckham And Fish: Caption It

“As a dad I know how hard it is to get kids to eat the right things. I also know as a footballer how important it is to eat the right things to perform well, so I think the GO3 range is a great way to help families take some small steps to be fit and healthy at affordable prices” – David Beckham

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Katie Holmes On The Dangers Of Hanging Out With Posh And Tom

KATIE Holms was once cute. Katie Holmes once had allure. Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes became oddly aged and dressed like a dowager aunt at a bring-and-buy sale. Katie Holmes was befriended by Her Poshness. Katie Holmes ended up like this:


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