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Weed Man and Beer Man fight in Times Square Smack Down- who wins?

weed man beer man fight

WHEN BEER Man met WEED Man what happened?

To Times Square, New York, for the bout of the year. It’s the NYC Beggars Belief Smack Down (although Smack Man is away).

Wayne ‘I need Beer’ Semancik was holding his sign (I need money for beer) when he encountered Joshua ‘I need Weed’ Long (holding his sign begging for money for marijuana).

Wayne says Joshua spat in his face. He tells media:

“When you spit in my face, darling, I’m going to hit you. I don’t care who you are, how big you are, I’m going to hit you. “So the man, he pulled out a pen because I was hitting him, and he started stabbing me in the face, and I have five stab wounds in my face right now.” 

Wayne was treated for lacerations. Joshua remains under discussion.

Meanwhile, the man begging for money to buy a pen (‘Pen Man’) says Joshua’s a lucky so-and so, while Peace Man hopes Beer Man and Weed Man can reconcile their differences in a summit with Cake Man, Hooker Man and Crisps Man.

More creative begging over here.

Posted: 23rd, June 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment