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Peter Andre’s Video To Behind Closed Doors

behind-closed-doors-andrePETER Andre, aka Sentimental Peter, aka Pete The Good, aka Dignified Pete, is hereunder featured in the video for his new song Behind Closed Doors, his first release since leaving Katie Price.

It sounds like those songs played over the closing credits to a straight-to-Betamax 1980s’ film, like Homework, in which Joan Collins is a mum seducing her sons friends, or Gymkata, featuring Kurt Thomas as the epitomising “The skill of gymnastics, the kill of karate.

The conclusion must be that what goes on behind closed doors should stay there – or else wait for an agent to secure a good fly-in-the-soap TV show and then edit it to make you look interesting, perhaps by fixing you up with a strident glamour model…

Spotter: Pop Sugar

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Mr Katie Price, Peter Andre, ‘Never Liked Jordan’

peter-jordanSENTIMENTAL Peter Andre is on the cover of heat magazine, his hair un-gelled, his chest un-oranged and bared, and news that “I NEVER liked Jordan” and that Pete is set to “REVEAL ALL”.

This is Peter the Good, the simpering media antithesis to Katie Price The Bad.

The magazine’s Kay Ribeiro tells us that Katie has given interviews on the telly, talked to a magazine and appeared in “barely-there clothes”; Pete has maintained a “dignified silence” – which you can read about in the News of the World magazine, see on This Morning and feel in his lyrics to his new album.

Now Pete has, er, “finally decided to speak out”.

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