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Adele Is Amy Winehouse In A Fat Suit: Wino Gives The Fans What They Want In Belgrade (Video)

AMY Winehouse has been giving the fans what they demand in Belgrade. The hacks accuse Wino of disappointing the punters by being drunk and behaving badly on stage. Pah! She gave ’em what they wanted.

Amy, as we know, is sober, a fantastic dancer, an entertainer who gives her all to the show, a raconteur, the epitome of manners who knows the correct way to eat soup in the company of her pals at the golf club, and a rare talent. But Wino is a flaccid, spinning mess of dribble and goo. It’s her act. And she is stuck with it. Such is the clamour for wrongness and sensation that Wino outsells Amy – massively.

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Posted: 19th, June 2011 | In: Key Posts, Music | Comment (1)

Woman Has Pine Cone Removed From Vagina

WE join unmarried Mirjana Gavaric in Belgrade, where she is having a pine cone removed from her vagina.

Dr Sava Bojovic tells us:

“She was lonely and she took a pine cone from a tree and unfortunately it got stuck and she needed surgery to get it out.”

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Posted: 31st, March 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comments (7)