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Belle De Jour Pictures: Brooke Magnanti Teaches Sex To Bel Mooney And Daily Mail Readers

brooke-magnantiBLOGGER and celebrity prostitute Belle de Jour is revealed to be Brooke Magnanti, and now her father, Paul Magnanti, is telling the about his life with prostitutes.

Now Belle de Jour’s father confesses: I used 150 call girls

(* “Now…” Watch: Now has become the Mail’s wail of choice. Look out for it.)

Belle de Jour’s estranged father broke down in tears last night as he revealed he had used more than 150 prostitutes himself – and had introduced his daughter to some of them.

Do you think he read her blog and, er, enjoyed it?

He believes that letting her meet some of the prostitutes when she was in her twenties may have made her think that women who sell sex can have a ‘human face’.

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In Pictures, Dr Brooke Magnanti Is Web Prostitute Belle De Jour

belle-de-jour-bookDR Brooke Magnanti is Belle de Jour, the blogging London prostitute who charged a few hunderd pounds a night for her services (see pictures below). Says the nice Jewish doctor, a research scientist for The Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health:

I don’t want this massive secret over me any more.”

And the massive threat that an ex-lower would spill the beans and ruin her. Of, course, what you want to know is what Bell de Jour looks like. What does £300 pounds a night get you? And could you earn the same? Here goes:

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