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The real problem after the Italian election: tell all those creditors to go screw

WELL, you can call it a problem if you like, personally I’d call it a godsend. But there are two things which should be making the European Union federast types very nervous right now. The first is that while neither of them actually won the election the winners in terms of doing really well were Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo. One’s a comedian and the other isn’t a billionaire on trial for under-aged whoring. But between the two of them this is true:

The projected results showed more than half of Italians had voted for the anti-euro platforms of Berlusconi and Grillo.

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Did Muammar Gaddafi Try To Convert Berlusconi’s Harem?

ON Italian prostitute Carla Bruni, Muammar Gaddafi’s 200 models and actresses – ones not converted by Silvio Berlusconi’s shaft of life:

The Libyan leader recruited the women through a modelling agency to join him and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at a photographic exhibition in Rome that traced historical links between the two countries.

Telling them that Islam was the ‘’ultimate religion’’, Colonel Gaddafi insisted that ‘’if you want to believe in a single faith, then it must be that of Muhammad’’…

On Sunday night, during an encounter with 500 young women hired by the same agency, Colonel Gaddafi handed out copies of the Koran and told the women that Europe should convert to Islam.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Annus Horribilis In Pictures

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Malia Obama’s Secret G8 Summit Picture Gallery

italian-prime-minister-silvio-berlusconi-and-german-chancellor-angela-merkel-during-the-visit-in-onna-laquila-as-part-of-the-g8-summit1TO the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy. We bring you the G8 summit in pictures, with Malia Obama:

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Mara Carfagna Sues Over Blow Job Gag

IN Italy, Sabina Guzzanti (comic) is being sued by Mara Carfagna (former model and TV showgirl) “after joking that Carfagna, 32, got her job as minister by indulging in an explicit sexual act with Berlusconi”.

Rumour has been rife in the Italian press about Carfagna’s relationship with Berlusconi after the prime minister quipped in 2007: “If I was not already married I would have married her immediately.”

Peter Mandelson denies an affair. Carfagna is the Italian equal opportunities minister…

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