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Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law has been kidnapped in Sao Paulo

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law has been kidnapped in Sao Paulo, not far from the race track:

According to Brazilian magazine Veja, Aparecida Schunck, 67, was taken on Friday in the neighbourhood of Interlagos, Sao Paulo with her kidnappers said to be demanding a ransom of 120 million Brazilian reals [£28m].

As sports fans head to Rio for the Olympics, and athletes put their running skills to good use avoiding muggers, jihadis attacks and the Zika virus, we learn that Aparecida is mother to Ecclestone’s current wife Fabiana Flosi, 38.


Aparecida Schunk


The Mail says the ransom is the largest ever demanded in Brazil. Veja says the criminals requested that payments be made in pounds sterling. (The crooks don’t want euros – in yer face, Juncker!)

Will 85-year-old Bernie pay up?

Will his daughter Tamara Ecclestone forgo another exclusive handbag to see a woman freed from the criminals?

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Bernie Ecclestone Enters The High Court The Hard Way

PA-18116402 copy

FORMULA One action figure (surely man of action? – ed) Bernie Ecclestone is at the High Court. As ever with Bernie the conversation is about his cash. Most often, it’s about how his daughters have found a new way to spunk dad’s money on a sapphire bidet or a cream made from the perinea of white tigers.

This time the octogenarian was talking money in the form of evidence in a damages case against him alleging that he made a “corrupt” payment to protect his position running the sport. Here’s Bernie at the High Court encountering the horror of doors that don’t come with a man to open them. Who knew?


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Tamara Ecclestone flashes her bum at that swanky sun-kissed wedding

tamara-ecclestone wedding

OK! has an update on the wedding of pneumatic bum cream modelTamara Ecclestone — daughter of F1 supremo and 1960s action figure Bernie. As previously recorded, Tamara has decamped from her £45 million Kensington house with walk-in birkin museum and crystal bath to marry a Jay Rutland on the French Riviera.

Details of the £12 million do are emerging.

At the rented out Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Bernie coughed up for Mariah Carey, Elton John, Mark Ronson and Lionel Richie to provide atmosphere.

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Snapshot: Bernie Ecclestone and Michael Schumacher are sitting on a wall

FLASHBACK in a snapshot: It’s 12/08/2000. Formula One Motor Racing has arrived at the Hungarian Grand Prix. At the Qualifying session, Michael Schumacher tries to tip Bernie Ecclestone off the wall as David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen and Rubens Barrichello look on. Bernie then appears to grap Schumacher’s gear stick…

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Bernie Ecclestone Calls Time On Muggers

BERNIE Ecclestone has turned his mugging into an advert for Hublot, a reassuringly expensive brand of watches aimed at people for whom time is money, such as the £11,000 item he had stolen.

The mugging had threatened to make Ecclestone a figure of pity and fun. It was Ecclestone who in light of villains attempting to carjack Jenson Button in Brazil, opined:

“They look for victims, they look for anyone that looks like a soft touch and not too bright. The people that look a bit soft and simple, they will always have a go at.”

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Bernie Ecclestone On ‘Soft And Simple’ Jenson Button: Caption Contest

BERNIE Ecclestone must have wished he had been a little more considerate of Jenson Button’s mugging scare in Brazil after this:

“They look for victims, they look for anyone that looks like a soft touch and not too bright. The people that look a bit soft and simple, they will always have a go at.”

Armed villains avoid people who look like action figures…

Your captions please…

spotter: Yampster

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Monaco Grand Prix: Bernie Ecclestone, Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Create The Picture Of The Year

THE best picture of the Monaco Grand Prix is not of Mark Weber, the race winner, stood in a huge Jacuzzi with a champer’s cork in his mouth. The best picture is not of ‘The Brand” Lewis Hamilton in a tight top. The best picture is not of the Sugababes inhaling petrol fumes. The best picture is of President and CEO of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone with R’n’B star Pharrell Williams, singer Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony in the paddock. In one shot Bernie, who often looks like an action figure, seemingly trying an impression of Norman Wisdom sidling up to his paramour. J-Lo’s head will turn and fail to spot Bernie, who will be left puckering up to thin air.


Picture 1 of 13

President and CEO of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone with singer Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony (left to right) in the paddock during the Monaco Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Of course, Mr Ecclestone is happily married and very much in love with his wife. Our reverie is the product of only our mind and based on no facts whatsoever. (That do, ed?)

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In Pictures: Thinking Zac Goldsmith For Recognise Magazine Launch

EVERYONE was thinking Zac Goldsmith at the launch of Recognise magazine, it being what the press release dictated. At Crystalized, we spotted Liz McClarnon, Nancy Dell’Olio, Michelle Mone, Karen Millen, Emma Noble, Jaya, Sara Cawood, Tamara Ecclestone and Victoria Hart.

Yep, who better than Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter – Bernie runs the Formula 1 circus – to grace a magazine “defined by a commitment to finding brands that are dedicated to environmental stewardship and social responsibility”?


Picture 1 of 9

Tamara Ecclestone attends the launch of Recognise Magazine, at Crystallized in central London.

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F1 teams challenge new scoring system

THE new F1 season hasn’t even started and already it’s time to call in the lawyers.

A statement emailed to Anorak by McLaren’s PR office reveals that none of the F1 teams is happy with the FIA’s controversial new scoring system, which is based only on who wins the most races in a season.

The statement in full:

“Following the decision of the World Motorsport Council of the 17 March 2009 to change the way the drivers’ championship is awarded, the Teams gathered and unanimously agreed to question the validity of this decision.

FOTA had made a proposal that was carefully based on the results of a Global Audience Survey, which allowed listening to preferences of the public, and all the Teams firmly believe that these indications should be properly taken into account.

The amendment to the sporting regulations proposed by the World Motorsport Council was not performed in accordance with the procedure provided for by Appendix 5 of the Sporting Regulations and, as per the provisions of the article 199 of the FIA International Sporting Code, it is too late for FIA to impose a change for the 2009 season that has not obtained the unanimous agreement of all the competitors properly entered into the 2009 Formula 1 Championship.

Since the change to the scoring system unanimously agreed by the Teams and proposed to FIA did not receive approval of the WMSC, no change can occur in 2009, and the Teams wish to reaffirm their willingness to collaborate with the FIA in order to jointly define a new point system for the 2010 season within a comprehensive set of measures aimed at further stimulating the attractiveness of the F1 Sport.”

In other words, this could get messy. Fair enough too – the new system, which could see a world champion crowned just half-way through a season, is barmy.

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Bernie Ecclestone And Slavica Divorce: Go Action Figure

NEWS of Bernie Eccelstone’s hiring of Guy Ritchie’s divorce lawyer is accompanied in all papers by shot of Bernie’s estranged wife Slavica and her action figure.

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Short Circuit: Slavica And Bernie Eccelsetone Split The (Action) Figure

WITH Madonna and Guy Ritchie agreeing not to give the tabloids what they want, let’s hope Bernie Ecclestone can do better with his split from the lovely Slavica.

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For Ritchie And Poorer: Madonna And Guy Split The Kids

TODAY’S the day Madonna and Guy Ritchie go their separate ways: he to the pub and she to New York.

In what showbiz insiders are calling “the least acrimonious divorce in showbiz history”, the couple have agreed on who gets what, when and how.

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